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Drive more conversions and revenue through Google Shopping at a lower cost of sale, quickly and with precision.

Google Shopping is the fastest growing and most effective channel in e-commerce, but due to its unique management requirements and focus on individual product performance and attributes, most marketers have been unable to maximize revenue and profitability within the channel.  Until now.  The Google Shopping game is about to change.

What our clients are saying:

Sidecar is the only technology on the market that we felt could take us to the next level in paid acquisition marketing. Sidecar continues to uncover new opportunities and deliver results for our business.
Sam Wolf
VP, Lucky Vitamin
For a catalog of Newegg's size, a programmatic approach to product level marketing is essential to give equal attention to every product and opportunity. Sidecar has demonstrated significant opportunities for growth in product advertising with their technology, and exceeded expectations.
Jacob Shin
VP Customer Acquisition, Newegg
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