3 Google Shopping Stats You’ll Live by in 2018

Google Shopping’s evolution can be summed up in a single word: competition. As the channel becomes increasingly saturated, only the most data-savvy and creative retailers will thrive.

In this webinar, Moosejaw’s Senior Internet Marketing Manager Kelli Patterson and Sidecar analysts Mike Perekupka and Zack Goldman offer tactics to help retailers outstrip the competition. They explore key findings from Sidecar’s 2018 Google Shopping Benchmarks Report and reveal strategies to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Arm yourself with the data you need to thrive on Google Shopping. Watch the webinar to learn about: 
  • Performance benchmarks across key e-commerce metrics, such as ROAS, CPC, and conversions, for specific retail verticals
  • Why competition continues to rise in the channel and how top-performing retailers have shifted tactics to find the white space
  • How cross-device conversion trends are evolving with a marked uptick in mobile purchases
  • How shopping trends are changing in light of shifting consumer behaviors and what retailers can do to adapt
Kelli patterson
Senior Internet Marketing Manager
Mike Perekupka
Product Manager
Zack Goldman
Director of Enterprise Customer Strategy