3 Campaign Structures You Need to Know to Excel on Amazon Advertising

Campaign structure is one of the most important aspects of a successful Amazon Advertising strategy. That is because marketers set bids at the ad group level, as opposed to the product level. Every product within the ad group must perform similarly so that marketers can set accurate bids. How retail marketers categorize their products into ad groups is critical.

No two businesses are alike, so depending on the retailers products and goals, the organization of their campaigns could vary significantly. For some retailers, organizing ad groups by brand makes the most sense for their business. For others, grouping products by product type achieves better results.

This quick guide provides retailers with the foundation they need to master campaign structure on Amazon Advertising. The guide explores: 
  • Why campaign structure is a critical part of Amazon Advertising
  • 3 campaign structures that can advance unique goals on Amazon
  • When to use these different approaches and when to avoid them
  • Advanced campaign structures that incorporate multiple layers of categorization and allow for greater granularity