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Is the Future of E-Commerce Search Marketing Visual? Pinterest Thinks So.

Pinterest Search Ads Results

When was the last time you bought something without seeing it first?  

We humans are visual creatures. This trait evolved from our primitive beginnings as hunter-gatherers searching for food. And it guides shoppers hunting new products today.

It’s fitting, then, that Pinterest is hoping to lever its highly visual experience to capture a slice of the massive search advertising pie. Here’s a look at Pinterest’s newest bet: Pinterest search ads.

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The Results of Bidding by Margin in Google Shopping

Bidding by Margin in Google Shopping

Margin is a key metric for any retailer’s products, and a critical performance indicator for business as a whole.

Yet many retail marketers are not thinking of using margin as a central part of their Google Shopping strategy. And those that are considering this approach might be concerned about the seeming complexity of it all. To maximize profitability in Google Shopping, however, bidding by margin is essential—and it can be simplified drastically.

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Tips & Tricks

Supercharge Your Google Shopping Campaigns With Merchant Promotions

Google Shopping Merchant Promotions

Google Merchant Promotions can help you stand out in Google Shopping. More e-commerce marketers are realizing the power of Google Shopping, and pouring additional budget into the channel. Competition for limited shopper attention is heating up.

By now, you’ve hopefully got the Google Shopping basics in place. This means your product feed is optimized to the way shoppers search, and your campaign is properly structured to drive efficient results.

One additional tactic to improve Google Shopping performance is adding Google Merchant Promotions to your ads. Read on for a primer on Google Merchant Promotions and a step-by-step guide to adding them to your campaign.

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Google Shopping

5 Reasons to Invest More in Google Shopping Than Text Ads


Google Shopping is more popular among shoppers — and marketers — than ever. In 2016, retail marketers spent 12% more on Google Shopping ads than on text ads, according to Sidecar customer data. This accounts for a 30% year-over-year spend increase in Google Shopping.

Why the shift in spend to Google Shopping ads? Marketers are seeing more value in them. And with recent updates that devote a larger share of SERP real estate to Shopping ads, Google is placing these ads squarely in front of your potential customers.

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E-Commerce Trends

The 4 Trickiest E-Commerce Returns Challenges – And How to Solve Them

4 Trickiest E-Commerce Return Challenges

Guest post by Optoroa technology company that is transforming the way retailers process, manage, and sell their returned and excess inventory.

In 2015, retailers handled over $260 billion in e-commerce returns, up 34% from just six years prior. Due to shifting customer behaviors and demands, experts expect return rates to keep climbing. Flexible return policies are customer-friendly. However, the burden largely falls on retailers to recover whatever value they can from returned inventory.

With e-commerce sales showing no sign of abating, interest in reverse logistics – the reverse flow of goods – is growing. Retailers will be best prepared to handle a sustained influx of e-commerce returns if they know the trickiest challenges to watch for — and how to solve them.

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Company News

eTail West 2017 Preview: Win at Data-Driven Marketing


Sunshine, palm trees, warm temps, and…no winter coats. Finally!

Coming from the chilly east coast in the middle of winter, it’s pretty easy to get me jazzed about the trip to Palm Springs to attend eTail West, being held Feb. 27 – March 1.

I’m looking forward to getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D to last me until spring, but I’m most excited to take part in discussions on e-commerce and data-driven retail marketing at the event.

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Tips & Tricks

Understand Your Google Shopping Competition With Auction Insights

Understand Your Google Shopping Competition with Auction Insights

Hidden away in the AdWords dashboard, the Auction Insights report delivers a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape in Google Shopping.

We’ve suggested myriad tools and strategies savvy e-commerce marketers can use to optimize their Shopping campaigns. But no campaign exists in a vacuum. Every retail business has competitors, and these rival sellers can influence Google Shopping outcomes.

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