Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: Which Day Won Google Shopping?


One of the biggest stories coming out of the 2016 holiday season kickoff is the duel between Cyber Monday and Black Friday for online sales. We saw a similar trend within the Google Shopping channel: Cyber Monday generated only 6% more revenue than Black Friday, compared to 28% last year.

But Thanksgiving also had reason to take a seat at the table, pulling in the highest AOV and ROAS of the five-day period on Google Shopping. And we can’t forget Saturday and Sunday. How did they contribute to sales?

After analyzing 27.6 million user sessions on our customers’ e-commerce sites during Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, we came away with several key findings that underscore the rise of Google Shopping ads for retailers.

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Tips & Tricks

4 Ways Google Analytics Can Improve Your Google Shopping Campaigns

If you’re like a lot of marketers using Google Shopping (myself included) you probably spend an inordinate amount of time glued to AdWords.

AdWords is where a lot of the magic happens in Google Shopping. With so much critical data right at your fingertips, you might not think to venture elsewhere when analyzing and adjusting your campaigns.

But AdWords data tells an even better story when paired with insights from Google Analytics. Here are four to get you started:

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E-Commerce Trends

What Instagram Shop Tags Mean for E-commerce

Last week, Facebook-owned Instagram launched its beta test of shop tags within photo posts to explore whether inspiring visual content coupled with ease of purchase can transform casual scrolling into real e-commerce opportunity.

With Instagram making its platform more friendly to retail brands looking to sell products, rather than build communities, where are the future opportunities for e-commerce marketers? How much potential is there to drive sales from this channel? Here we unfold the possibilities of Instagram’s latest foray into social commerce.

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Tips & Tricks

Power Up: 6 E-commerce Tips for Electronics Retailers


Winning the e-commerce game in consumer electronics retail is about as tough as it gets. Shoppers in the market for laptops, tablets, and cameras are laser-focused on price and steeped in research about products on their wish lists. They follow the hype before an item launch, study product reviews to learn about features, and consult the experts on where to get the best deal.

So what does it take to compete in the fierce e-commerce electronics world? Here are some tips you can use make sure your Google Shopping campaigns and website are optimized for the preferences and behaviors of your audience.

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Google Shopping

Are Your Google Shopping Campaigns Ready for Black Friday?

It’s that time of year, ladies and gentlemen. Though the end-of-year holiday shopping season has already begun for many retailers, we’re just two weeks out from its marquee event: the five days spanning from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

You’ve probably already circled Nov. 24-28 on your calendar and put a plan in place. Good work, but don’t forget that Google Shopping campaigns require special attention during this retail bonanza.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Worth 1,000 Words: How Rich Visual Content Converts Facebook Users to Customers


Editor’s Note: Mike Perekupka, Senior Data Analyst and Dave LeDonne, Director of Product presented this topic at the Curalate Summit on visual marketing best practices at New World Stages in New York on Oct. 18, 2016.

Facebook presents e-commerce marketers with some unique advantages in product advertising. First, with the average American spending about 50 minutes per day on Facebook, you can rest assured your customers are spending time there. Second, Facebook hosts over 1 billion mobile daily active users, making it an ideal place to reach potential customers on mobile.

Third, Facebook offers the opportunity to relate with your potential customers through creative visual content — we’re talking cool photos, illustrations, and user-generated content. And it’s one of the ways Facebook stands out in the sea of product advertising channels.

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E-Commerce Trends

E-commerce Marketers: You Can Relax About AI and VR. For Now…

This holiday season, millions of Americans will probably receive virtual reality (VR) headsets or AI-powered home assistants as gifts.

No doubt, the implications of these trends are not lost e-commerce marketers. Beyond ushering in a new world of interactivity between consumers and their devices, both technologies also seem likely to open up fresh ways for e-commerce retailers to interact with those consumers.

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Tips & Tricks

Last Minute E-commerce Checklist for Holiday

During the holiday shopping season, an e-commerce marketer’s job is never quite finished. With online sales projected to reach $117 billion this season, retailers are keen to snag the biggest slice of holiday pie within their reach.

By now, you’ve got a plan in place for each e-commerce marketing channel and you’re feeling ready to tackle Holiday 2016. If you’re making last minute adjustments and wondering what else to do to get your campaigns into tip-top shape, we’ve got you covered. Tie a big bow around your holiday tactics and check these items off your list.

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Tips & Tricks

Dress to Impress in Google Shopping: 6 Tips for Apparel Retailers

The apparel business is competitive. Fast fashion rules. Styles are on-trend one day and shelved the next, making catalog churn nearly constant. With razor-thin margins and customers now accustomed to perks like free shipping and returns, apparel retailers can feel squeezed when it comes to e-commerce.

But by using Google Shopping smarter than the competition, you can gain the edge. With seasons changing and holiday around the corner, now is the perfect time to outfit your Google Shopping campaigns for success. Here are a few tips you can use to get started.

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