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4 Go-To Methods to Optimize Product Titles for Google Shopping – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

Optimizing your Google Shopping product titles is one of the most important steps you can take to drive quality impressions and conversions from your products.

Modifying product titles with information that closely matches the terms shoppers search will help your products appear in the most relevant queries.

You’ll want to start your title optimization effort by diving into keyword research to find relevant words to include in your titles. You can dig into the AdWords Dimensions tab to see exact queries searchers use to surface your products. Google’s Keyword Planner is another useful tool for research.

As you sit down to work on product titles, think about how shoppers would likely search for your products — perhaps by a popular brand, color, or fit — and include those product attributes in your titles.

Check out the video to see the 4 go-to methods for optimizing your product titles.

Here’s a snapshot of the whiteboard for quick reference.

Whiteboard-4 Go-To Methods to Optimize Product Titles for Google Shopping

For more on title optimization, check out this post. And if you’re on a larger mission to optimize your product feed for Google Shopping, be sure to gather all the essentials you need to get your feed in tip-top shape.

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