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Power Up: 6 E-commerce Tips for Electronics Retailers


Winning the e-commerce game in consumer electronics retail is about as tough as it gets. Shoppers in the market for laptops, tablets, and cameras are laser-focused on price and steeped in research about products on their wish lists. They follow the hype before an item launch, study product reviews to learn about features, and consult the experts on where to get the best deal.

So what does it take to compete in the fierce e-commerce electronics world? Here are some tips you can use make sure your Google Shopping campaigns and website are optimized for the preferences and behaviors of your audience.

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5 Ways Pet Suppliers Can Unleash Google Shopping Success


Our beloved animal companions have always tugged at our heart strings, but pets can tug hard at the purse strings, too. The American Pet Products Association projects that U.S. pet owners will spend $39 billion on food and supplies for their furry friends in 2016.

With 60% of pet supplies expected to be purchased online by 2020, pet supply retailers who up their e-commerce games now are best positioned to reap the benefits. And Google Shopping is a great place to start.

Pet supply product catalogs are heavy on items that run out (or wear out) regularly, such as food, toys, and hygiene products. This leads to purchase patterns and buyer behaviors that are more cyclical than other industries. Follow these tips to capitalize on these cycles and become the top dog in Google Shopping…

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7 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Remodel Your PLAs


When it comes to Google Shopping, hardware and home improvement e-commerce marketers can sometimes find it tricky to hit the nail on the head.

The hardware market is a mix of B2B and B2C buyers, and search volume for tools and appliances can be an unreliable indicator of future sales. So Google Shopping success for hardware retailers requires more vigilance and precision than installing a retaining wall.

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