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E-Commerce Retailers: Time to Join Snapchat? Answer These Questions First

Snapchat for E-Commerce Retailers

Though Snapchat specializes in vanishing images, the app has displayed some serious staying power. Founded in 2011, Snapchat now boasts 150 million daily active users, and reportedly has an IPO planned for later this year.

While this news has investors salivating, retailers’ feelings towards Snapchat are a tad more reserved. Despite its explosive growth, only 47% of retailers currently use Snapchat, compared to 92% using Instagram.

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E-Commerce Trends

2017: The Year Ahead in Social Commerce


From dynamic ads to buy buttons, social media platforms of many sizes and stripes have gradually rolled out e-commerce features.

How have they fared so far? And which ones will get a page in the playbooks of e-commerce marketers in 2017? Here we recap and explore recent developments in social commerce, and look ahead to what social media has in store for online retailers in 2017.

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E-Commerce Trends

What Instagram Shop Tags Mean for E-commerce

Last week, Facebook-owned Instagram launched its beta test of shop tags within photo posts to explore whether inspiring visual content coupled with ease of purchase can transform casual scrolling into real e-commerce opportunity.

With Instagram making its platform more friendly to retail brands looking to sell products, rather than build communities, where are the future opportunities for e-commerce marketers? How much potential is there to drive sales from this channel? Here we unfold the possibilities of Instagram’s latest foray into social commerce.

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E-Commerce Trends

E-commerce Marketers: You Can Relax About AI and VR. For Now…

This holiday season, millions of Americans will probably receive virtual reality (VR) headsets or AI-powered home assistants as gifts.

No doubt, the implications of these trends are not lost e-commerce marketers. Beyond ushering in a new world of interactivity between consumers and their devices, both technologies also seem likely to open up fresh ways for e-commerce retailers to interact with those consumers.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Use Facebook Dynamic Ads If You Want More Mobile Sales

Vertical video ads, slideshow ads, Messenger bots — Facebook offers marketers of all stripes a dizzying array of options to show off their brands and products on the world’s most popular social network.

So how and where do you fit in, an e-commerce marketer who lives and dies by bottom-line stats — revenue, cost, and ROAS — rather than engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares?

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Company News

Sidecar Launches Revenue Probability Scoring for Google Shopping

Every retailer has a set of products that are all-stars. I’m talking about the Michael Jordans, the Steph Currys, the Tom Bradys of your catalog — those products that receive plenty of traffic, clicks, and orders. Determining how much to spend to expose these products on an acquisition channel like Google Shopping is pretty straightforward.  

But what about products that don’t enjoy heavy traffic and that lack substantial performance data to inform bid decisions — a.k.a., the bulk of most retail catalogs?

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Google Shopping

Customer Match for Google Shopping Has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know.


Independence Day isn’t here quite yet, but you might want to bust out the fireworks a few days early. On Monday, Google announced that it would launch Customer Match for Shopping campaigns.

Though Customer Match has been available for nearly a year for ads on YouTube, search, and Gmail, plenty of e-commerce pros have wished they could add it to their Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping accounts for an ever-increasing slice of retailers’ online revenues, and e-commerce marketers are understandably keen to take their performance in the channel even higher. Here’s the skinny on Customer Match — and how you can use the feature in your campaigns.

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Company News

Hello, Efficient Google Shopping Campaigns! Thanks to New Search Query Management Technology


You only have so much money you can spend on Google Shopping. You’re always aiming to make your budget work as hard as possible to hit your cost/sale or ROAS goal, right?

That’s not always easy. Sometimes it feels like a cat and mouse game to get every product bid in the right place at the right time to maximize your return.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can innovate our technology to build on the cost/sale and ROAS improvements (efficiency) it already drives for retailers’ Google Shopping campaigns. And our thoughts have centered on leveraging a particular aspect of AdWords: search queries.

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Google Shopping

Keyword Targeting in Google Shopping: Dream or Nightmare?


It’s the wish of nearly every e-commerce marketer. No, I’m not talking about figuring out a way to make mobile traffic convert. I mean bidding on specific keywords in Google Shopping.

Google Shopping is red-hot, with new retailers joining the party each day. And one of the first things newcomers notice when setting up their initial campaigns is the fact that you cannot bid on keywords in Google Shopping.

I’d wager that more than a few e-commerce marketers have been asked, “Can’t you just pay Google more to show our signature product to users searching for X.” Unlike traditional text ads, Google Shopping just doesn’t work this way. But what if it did?

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