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Manage Your Google Shopping Investment, Not Just Bids, According to This Marketing Pro


If your #1 Google Shopping goal is to improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost/sale, think like an investor. That’s according to one marketing manager from a billion-dollar, U.S.-based department retailer. He handles the company’s Google Shopping initiative and other paid marketing programs.

“Intelligent allocation of spend is critical to success in Google Shopping,” he told me when I spoke to him about his Google Shopping strategy. “You have to put the right amount of weight into each product, and continually adjust that weight to maintain your return goal.”

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The Results of Bidding by Margin in Google Shopping

Bidding by Margin in Google Shopping

Margin is a key metric for any retailer’s products, and a critical performance indicator for business as a whole.

Yet many retail marketers are not thinking of using margin as a central part of their Google Shopping strategy. And those that are considering this approach might be concerned about the seeming complexity of it all. To maximize profitability in Google Shopping, however, bidding by margin is essential—and it can be simplified drastically.

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Tips & Tricks

10 Moves to Master Seasonality in Google Shopping


Google Shopping is never a “set it and forget it” proposition—especially if your product catalog experiences seasonality.

Holiday. Spring. Back-to-school. Mother’s Day. Whatever your seasonal peaks are, your usual Google Shopping campaigns most likely need tinkering to take advantage of the increased traffic to your site.

Since there’s plenty where that came from, we put together an e-book that dives into everything seasonality in Google Shopping. 10 Moves to Master Seasonality in Google Shopping covers the strategy and tactics to help you market your seasonal product catalog on Google Shopping.

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E-Commerce Trends

5 Chicago Pizzas You Absolutely Must Try at IRCE


Internet Retailer’s IRCE conference is a huge event for e-commerce pros from a wide assortment of verticals. There’s no better place to learn about what’s new and coming soon in online retail, and the networking opportunities are almost endless.

But there’s another reason why many marketers won’t miss IRCE: Pizza; practically no city outside of Italy inspires such reverence for its local pies.

And IRCE attendees are understandably eager to cap long days spent sharpening their e-commerce skills with a hearty meal of pizza. Luckily, there are plenty of world-class pizzerias very close to IRCE in the South Loop section of Chicago. Here are our top five:

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Retailers Played Favorites on Mother’s Day—Their Love Went to Google Shopping


Mother’s Day is the third largest retail event on the calendar, trailing only the end-of-year holiday season and back-to-school in total sales. Makes sense: Mom does an awful lot, and we naturally want to express our gratitude by pampering her with gifts.

Though the holiday is over 100 years old, how we shop for Mother’s Day has changed: 27.3% of consumers planned to buy their gifts online this year, up from 25% in 2015. But what channels are these consumers using?

Recently, Google Shopping has been making the rest of the AdWords family proud. Last quarter, channel revenue grew by 52% year-over-year. Did this momentum carry over to this year’s Mother’s Day? Here’s what the numbers tell us.

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E-Commerce Trends

[PODCAST] 8 Questions With Brock Weatherup, Former PetSmart E-commerce Exec


Having started in e-commerce during the industry’s early days, Brock Weatherup has a lot of perspective on what digital marketing strategies work to grow an online retail business, and what efforts fall flat.

Much of his experience is rooted in the pet care segment. He was CEO of PetFoodDirect, then took the helm at Pet360, which was acquired by PetSmart in 2014. After the acquisition, Brock became PetSmart’s Chief Digital Officer.

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue … Which States Love Their Valentine More Than You?


Love it or hate it — Valentine’s Day represents a welcome revenue boost for many retailers in what’s otherwise a traditionally slow shopping month. Americans approach the day with gusto, eagerly purchasing jewelry, flowers, candy, and trinkets for significant others, parents, children, classmates, and pets — yes, pets (to the tune of an estimated $681 million).

In the spirit of the political primary season, all this lovey-dovey spending got us thinking: Do all U.S. states feel the retail love at the same rate? Or more to the point, which U.S. states spend the most (and the least) on their loved ones on Valentine’s Day?

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E-Commerce Trends

eTail Therapy to Help Retailers Survive Thanksgiving Weekend

Help Retailers Survive Thanksgiving Weekend

Between the twice-baked potatoes and the half-off sales, retailers have a lot on their plates this weekend. The NRF estimates 135.8 million shoppers (58.7 percent) definitely will or might shop on the four days of Thanksgiving weekend, and 183.8 million shoppers (79.6 percent) will shop on Cyber Monday.

Amidst the rush to finalize promotions — and perhaps even squeeze in some shopping yourself — we offer a helping of eTail therapy, Holiday-style. This is one dish that (we think) will please all palates.

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