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So Long, Google Trusted Stores. Hello, Google Customer Reviews!

Helllo Google Customer Reviews

E-commerce retailers participating in the Google Trusted Stores program received some big news recently. Google Customer Reviews, a newer program that was previously only available in a few countries outside the U.S., will replace the Trusted Store designation this month.

For proud holders of the Google Trusted Store badge, this sudden announcement naturally sparked a few questions and some head scratching. Let’s review the change and explain exactly where to go from here.

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Tips & Tricks

Supercharge Your Google Shopping Campaigns With Merchant Promotions

Google Shopping Merchant Promotions

Google Merchant Promotions can help you stand out in Google Shopping. More e-commerce marketers are realizing the power of Google Shopping, and pouring additional budget into the channel. Competition for limited shopper attention is heating up.

By now, you’ve hopefully got the Google Shopping basics in place. This means your product feed is optimized to the way shoppers search, and your campaign is properly structured to drive efficient results.

One additional tactic to improve Google Shopping performance is adding Google Merchant Promotions to your ads. Read on for a primer on Google Merchant Promotions and a step-by-step guide to adding them to your campaign.

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Tips & Tricks

4 High-Impact, Underused AdWords Features You Should Be Using


AdWords offers a seemingly endless array of levers to manage and optimize your Google Shopping performance. No matter how well versed you are in campaign management, it’s easy to find yourself sticking to familiar AdWords features and using the platform to less than its full potential. Knowing what works is important, but expanding your toolset in this channel is essential to getting the most from your investment.

We’re here to break routine and explore a few high-impact, underused features in AdWords to boost returns in Google Shopping.

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Tips & Tricks

Last Minute E-commerce Checklist for Holiday

During the holiday shopping season, an e-commerce marketer’s job is never quite finished. With online sales projected to reach $117 billion this season, retailers are keen to snag the biggest slice of holiday pie within their reach.

By now, you’ve got a plan in place for each e-commerce marketing channel and you’re feeling ready to tackle Holiday 2016. If you’re making last minute adjustments and wondering what else to do to get your campaigns into tip-top shape, we’ve got you covered. Tie a big bow around your holiday tactics and check these items off your list.

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Start Adjusting: Tablet Bid Adjustments for Google Shopping Have Arrived

For years, it’s been right there, gleefully taunting e-commerce marketers. I’m talking, of course, about the performance data for “Tablets with full browsers” that appears when you segment a Google Shopping campaign (or any AdWords campaign, really) by device.

Though Google happily displays this data, AdWords users have been left powerless to do much of anything with it. Until now …

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Tips & Tricks

Google Retires Converted Clicks in AdWords: How to Say Goodbye

CPC, CTR, AOV, ROAS. Digital marketers are blessed (or cursed, depending on whom you ask …) with tons of jargony words and acronyms to measure campaign performance.

But conversions is what we most want, right? For nearly all marketers, that’s a big fat “yes!”

And last week, Google answered this question with an AdWords update: In September, it will phase out the Converted clicks metric, and make “Conversions” the default tool for measuring actions taken after an ad is clicked.

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E-Commerce Trends

5 Features We Hope to See in Google’s AdWords Update


2008 seems like light years ago. Back then, Taylor Swift was still writing country music and smartphones were a novelty. It was also the last time the AdWords user interface got a facelift.

Oh, how everything has changed since then: Taylor switched to pop music (and took over the world), there is a smartphone in nearly every pocket, and the AdWords universe has expanded to include display ads, video ads, and (our favorite) Google Shopping ads.

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