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5 Reasons to Invest More in Google Shopping Than Text Ads


Google Shopping is more popular among shoppers — and marketers — than ever. In 2016, retail marketers spent 12% more on Google Shopping ads than on text ads, according to Sidecar customer data. This accounts for a 30% year-over-year spend increase in Google Shopping.

Why the shift in spend to Google Shopping ads? Marketers are seeing more value in them. And with recent updates that devote a larger share of SERP real estate to Shopping ads, Google is placing these ads squarely in front of your potential customers.

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4 Ways Google Analytics Can Improve Your Google Shopping Campaigns

If you’re like a lot of marketers using Google Shopping (myself included) you probably spend an inordinate amount of time glued to AdWords.

AdWords is where a lot of the magic happens in Google Shopping. With so much critical data right at your fingertips, you might not think to venture elsewhere when analyzing and adjusting your campaigns.

But AdWords data tells an even better story when paired with insights from Google Analytics. Here are four to get you started:

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5 Ways Jewelry Retailers Can Run Smarter Google Shopping Campaigns


If you’re an e-commerce pro in the jewelry segment, you know that competition is high in PLA channels — and it’s not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Competition around popular queries like “diamond earrings” and “gold necklace” never goes away. Price points range widely among jewelry retailers, making it challenging to ensure your products appear to your target demographic. Purchase cycles tend to be longer for many jewelry retailers.

This can create a lot of complexity when defining and implementing your PLA strategy. So how can you make sure you’re spending the right amount in the right channels? When it comes to Google Shopping in particular, we’ve seen a few best practices emerge.

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Google Shopping

Think Outside the (Retail) Box to Hit Your Google Shopping Goal

Hit Your Google Shopping Goal

Return goals in Google Shopping are different for every retailer. Some e-commerce pros tell us that they’re focused on increasing revenue and less concerned about decreasing spend. Others are more interested in cutting cost while slowly growing revenue.

Any way you slice it, hitting and maintaining your goals are the most challenging parts of managing the Google Shopping channel. Even then, there’s no rest for the weary. Many e-commerce pros tell us that they are doing a good job of hitting their goals, but aren’t sure if they’re leaving money on the table. They want to determine if they can be getting more from the channel and how to move forward.

In all cases, the solution has a lot to do with how you bid your products. Here’s why.

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Google Shopping

Just Blow up Your PLA Product Groupings, OK?

PLA Product Grouping

Still thinking about how to jump out in front of the competition in Google Shopping and other PLA channels? Let’s talk about that for a minute, because one suggestion we have for you … and don’t panic … is to blow up your current PLA product grouping structure.

Wait — don’t panic! Humor us for a minute. People can’t buy what they don’t see (if you underbid) and you don’t realize an optimal ROAS if you overbid and overexpose.

But here’s the problem: Google requires you to put products into groups and assign those groups a bid. Most retailers and agencies, understandably, choose to group SKUs by brand (all Nike shoes in this group) or category (all baseball gloves in this group).

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