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The 4 Trickiest E-Commerce Returns Challenges – And How to Solve Them

4 Trickiest E-Commerce Return Challenges

Guest post by Optoroa technology company that is transforming the way retailers process, manage, and sell their returned and excess inventory.

In 2015, retailers handled over $260 billion in e-commerce returns, up 34% from just six years prior. Due to shifting customer behaviors and demands, experts expect return rates to keep climbing. Flexible return policies are customer-friendly. However, the burden largely falls on retailers to recover whatever value they can from returned inventory.

With e-commerce sales showing no sign of abating, interest in reverse logistics – the reverse flow of goods – is growing. Retailers will be best prepared to handle a sustained influx of e-commerce returns if they know the trickiest challenges to watch for — and how to solve them.

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