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The Top 4 Takeaways From eTail West 2017

Top 4 Takeaways from eTail West 2017

What better place to kick off the year’s event calendar than eTail West 2017?  As always, I returned home from this year’s conference with plenty of new ideas, a few good stories, and very much in need of a nap.

Even for a veteran attendee, it can be a lot to take in. So for anyone back at the office this week wondering if you missed anything, here’s a quick recap of the big themes that dominated the buzz at eTail West 2017.

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eTail West 2017 Preview: Win at Data-Driven Marketing


Sunshine, palm trees, warm temps, and…no winter coats. Finally!

Coming from the chilly east coast in the middle of winter, it’s pretty easy to get me jazzed about the trip to Palm Springs to attend eTail West, being held Feb. 27 – March 1.

I’m looking forward to getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D to last me until spring, but I’m most excited to take part in discussions on e-commerce and data-driven retail marketing at the event.

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E-Commerce Trends

Customer Experience: The #1 Focus of E-commerce Marketers in 2017


The big Cyber Weekend shopping push is behind us, holiday shopping is in full swing, and 2016 will soon be in the books. As we look to 2017, we can count on e-commerce growing more competitive (and crowded) than ever, and e-commerce marketers needing to be ever-more sophisticated to drive returns.

Now that the dust has settled around emerging e-commerce channels, we predict that top performing online retailers will start tuning in much more closely to customer needs. With renewed focus on the customer experience, marketers will prioritize discovering key moments in customer journeys, influencing purchase decisions during those key moments, and providing positive experiences that bring shoppers back for more.

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E-Commerce Trends 2016 Digital Summit Roundup

As predicted, the 2016 Digital Summit in Dallas last week lived up to its promise and delivered some new perspectives on digital retail. We got to hear from top-notch visionaries and marketers who are grabbing new technologies and trends by the horns.

This year’s event was full of Texas-style diversions—an armadillo race and both mechanical and live bull riding, to name a few. I didn’t ride any bulls, mechanical or otherwise, but I did sample some mean Texas barbeque.

If you couldn’t make it to this year, here are the top takeaways we brought home from Dallas.

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Saddle Up for 2016

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. And with more than 5,000 retail professionals in attendance, we trust this year’s Digital Summit, being held in Dallas on Sept. 26-28, will not disappoint.

I’m looking forward to hearing insights from the lineup of speakers, including Facebook’s Maz Sharafi, and Apu Gupta, CEO of fellow Philly e-commerce tech company, Curalate. Sidecar will also be announcing some big news at

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Google Shopping: Is It Good to Be The ‘Best?’

It’s not just Olympic athletes; everyone wants to be the best, right? The hours I spent at the driving range last weekend certainly attest to that … And it’s no different for e-commerce marketers. I haven’t met one that didn’t want more orders, more revenue, and more profits.

That’s why marketers immediately perked up when Google made ranked Shopping ads a permanent fixture back in March, after testing them since 2014. Professionals who instinctively seek the top in all of their efforts were curious about how these ads would perform and the impact they would have on campaigns.

Well, now that the dust has settled a bit, we thought it was time to take a look at ranked Shopping ads and determine whether it was good to be “the best.”

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E-Commerce Trends

4 Google Shopping Highlights from IRCE 2016


Bring together thousands of e-commerce pros from all over the world, and you can’t help but uncover some fascinating industry insights. And that’s exactly what went down at this year’s IRCE in Chicago.

Several folks from the Sidecar team joined me out there, and we had the chance to speak with hundreds of attendees about a topic that’s been in the spotlight a lot lately: Google Shopping.

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E-Commerce Trends

IRCE 2016 Mid-Conference Round-up (In Case You Missed It…)


It’s been a whirlwind of a week. Since Monday, I’ve been in Chicago for this year’s Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE)

And is there a better place to check the pulse of e-commerce than a convention center packed with thousands of attendees working in online retail at firms all over the world? I think not.

For those who couldn’t make the trip, or who are out here but maybe feeling like they’ve missed something (don’t worry, it’s impossible to experience it all), here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve seen and heard after two days:

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Google Shopping

Google Shopping Search Queries: What’s in a Word?


The lack of keyword control. It’s something that every e-commerce pro managing Google Shopping campaigns must confront. And for marketers used to text ads, it can be an especially bitter pill to swallow.  

Unlike text ads, there is no way to bid on individual keywords in Google Shopping. Negative keywords are the only way to control the terms for which your ads appear, but they are a defensive tactic. Still, marketers using the channel long for a way to actively capture traffic from more valuable, higher intent queries.

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