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So Long, Google Trusted Stores. Hello, Google Customer Reviews!

Helllo Google Customer Reviews

E-commerce retailers participating in the Google Trusted Stores program received some big news recently. Google Customer Reviews, a newer program that was previously only available in a few countries outside the U.S., will replace the Trusted Store designation this month.

For proud holders of the Google Trusted Store badge, this sudden announcement naturally sparked a few questions and some head scratching. Let’s review the change and explain exactly where to go from here.

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5 Reasons to Invest More in Google Shopping Than Text Ads


Google Shopping is more popular among shoppers -- and marketers -- than ever. In 2016, retail marketers spent 12% more on Google Shopping ads than on text ads, according to Sidecar customer data. This accounts for a 30% year-over-year spend increase in Google Shopping.

Why the shift in spend to Google Shopping ads? Marketers are seeing more value in them. And with recent updates that devote a larger share of SERP real estate to Shopping ads, Google is placing these ads squarely in front of your potential customers.

While text ads will likely keep their place in search advertising as a first touch, Google Shopping is shaping up to be the darling of e-commerce marketing. Here we cover a few reasons to heed this feed-based ad format, and consider bumping up your investment in Google Shopping over text ads.

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Are Your Google Shopping Campaigns Ready for Black Friday?


It's that time of the year again, ladies and gentlemen. Though the end-of-year holiday shopping season has already begun for many retailers, we’re just two weeks out from its marquee event: the weekend spanning from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

You’ve probably already circled Nov. 24-28 this year and put a plan in place. Good work, but don’t forget that Google Shopping campaigns require special attention during this retail bonanza.

For extra credit, here are five simple and quick ways to set yourself up for a winning Black Friday weekend in Google Shopping...

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Customer Match & RLSA for Google Shopping: The Ultimate Guide


Google offers two powerful tools that retail marketers can use to win more sales and keep customers coming back for more: Customer Match and RLSA for Google Shopping.

But where to start? And once you’ve added one (or both) of these features to your Shopping campaigns, what strategies can you employ to continue improving performance?

Things can get complicated.

So we put together an e-book that covers all the ins and outs of both tools: Customer Match & RLSA for Google Shopping: The Ultimate Guide.

The set-up processes. When, why, and how to use each tool. Optimization tactics. It’s all there.

Check it out to learn how you can take advantage of Customer Match and RLSA today, and keep it handy as a reference in the future...

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Customer Match for Google Shopping Has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know.


Independence Day isn’t here quite yet, but you might want to bust out the fireworks a few days early. On Monday, Google announced that it would launch Customer Match for Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping accounts for an ever-increasing slice of retailers’ online revenues, and e-commerce marketers are understandably keen to take their performance in the channel even higher. Here’s the skinny on Customer Match — and how you can use the feature in your campaigns.

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Google Shopping Search Queries: What’s in a Word?


Unlike text ads, there is no way to bid on individual keywords in Google Shopping. Negative keywords are the only way to control the terms for which your ads appear, but they are a defensive tactic. Still, marketers using the channel long for a way to actively capture traffic from more valuable, higher intent queries.

In our Google Partners video series finale, Google’s Jacob Mader and I look at managing Google Shopping search queries. Watch to learn how Sidecar's new Search Query Management (SQM) technology actually lets retailers sift through millions of search queries to discover the most meaningful words in their Google Shopping campaigns -- and fully capitalize on high-value queries while reducing spend on low-value queries.

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Keyword Targeting in Google Shopping: Dream or Nightmare?


Google Shopping is red-hot, with new retailers joining the party each day. And one of the first things newcomers notice when setting up their initial campaigns is the fact that you cannot bid on keywords in Google Shopping.

Undoubtedly, more than a few e-commerce marketers have been asked, “Can’t you just pay Google more to show our signature product to users searching for X.” Unlike traditional text ads, Google Shopping just doesn’t work this way. But if it did, would it be a blessing or a curse?

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Don’t Be Fooled By These 3 Big Google Shopping Seasonality Myths


For e-commerce marketers, the start of a new season can be hectic. Some find their sales accelerate or slow during colder months, others see changes during spring and summer. And many experience surges — followed by declines — around holidays all throughout the year.

While seasonal ebbs and flows are a given for retailers, how to ride these waves in Google Shopping is less certain. It’s a newer channel, and many marketers are still trying to grasp its nuances. Here are a few myths you should put to bed to capitalize on seasonal trends in PLAs ...

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Google Shopping Campaign Structure Is a Big Deal Because…


There are many factors that influence success in the Google Shopping channel, but one of the biggest factors that immediately jumps to mind is … campaign structure

Sidecar COO Steve Tutelman sat down recently with Google’s Jacob Mader to dive into just this topic for a Google Partners video. Check it out to learn why structure is your ticket to killer campaigns, where we see most marketers falling short in their campaign structure, and how to shore things up.

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