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Product Feed Optimization Essentials for Google Shopping


When it comes to success in Google Shopping, it all begins with an optimized product feed. The more accurate and descriptive the information in your feed, the easier it is for Google to surface your products in relevant searches. An effective bidding strategy -- the other key to achieving high performance -- depends on your product feed having well-defined categories and granular segmentation.

If you’re new to feed optimization, or you could use a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Here are the essentials to optimize your product feed for Google Shopping.

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Supercharge Your Google Shopping Campaigns With Merchant Promotions

Google Shopping Merchant Promotions

More e-commerce marketers are realizing the power of Google Shopping, and pouring additional budget into the channel. Competition for limited shopper attention is heating up.

One tactic to improve Google Shopping performance -- and stand out from the crowd-- is adding Merchant Promotions to your ads. Read on for a primer on Google Merchant promotions and a step-by-step guide to adding them to your Shopping campaign.

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Slice and Dice to Insight in the AdWords Dimensions Tab – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes


If you’re looking to optimize bidding and boost ROI in Google Shopping, the AdWords Dimensions tab has a treasure trove of performance metrics to inform strategic campaign optimizations.

The Dimensions tab is THE place to see performance on a granular level, and you can find it on the far right in AdWords. You can see clicks, CPC, and conversions on individual products by day of the week and down to hour of the day.

With this insight, you can adjust bids to reduce spend on clicks that are too costly or unprofitable, and increase spend on those that are driving revenue. And this is only scratching the surface of insight available from the depths of AdWords.

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Big Game? Big Google Shopping Opportunity – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

Big Game, Big Google Shopping Opportunity

Whether it’s March Madness, The Stanley Cup Finals, The Olympics, or this coming weekend’s Super Bowl Sunday, a huge sporting event usually means more searches for the competing teams — and their merchandise.

And more searches means more conversions in Google Shopping: We looked at Shopping data for Super Bowl Sunday in 2015 and found that, for sports-themed retailers, revenue for Super Bowl Sunday was up 145% compared to the previous four Sundays.

Learn how to use AdWords’ geotargeting feature to rewrite your Google Shopping playbook and capitalize on increased search volume for different regions' home teams in our E-Commerce Marketing Minutes series.

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Understand Your Google Shopping Competition With Auction Insights

Understand Your Google Shopping Competition with Auction Insights

Hidden away in the AdWords dashboard, the Auction Insights report delivers a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape in Google Shopping.

Every retail business has competitors, and these rival sellers can influence your Google Shopping outcomes.

A look at your Auction Insights report will highlight who these competitors are — and show how your campaign stacks up to theirs. Learn where to find it and how to use it on the Sidecar blog.

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4 Ways Great Content Boosts E-commerce Sales and Customer Loyalty


If you invest serious time and money in paid advertising efforts to market your products (we’re pretty sure you do), but you’re not completely sold on the value of content in e-commerce, here are a few reasons to reconsider:

One reason is increased conversions. Sites that employ content marketing convert nearly 6X better than sites that don’t.

Another is the competitive online retail space. 81% of customers research online before purchase. The more quality content you create, the higher your site ranks in organic search, and the more often consumers discover and engage with your products.

Conversion and SEO benefits aside, stories surrounding products help consumers develop a relationship with your brand. Content can help you attract and retain high-value customers who ramp up your word-of-mouth factor on- and offline. A little storytelling can even make your customers less price-sensitive.

Not sure where to begin or how to advance your current content strategy? Here are four content marketing tips, tailored for retail, that can help you find, engage, and convert customers.

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4 High-Impact, Underused AdWords Features You Should Be Using


AdWords offers a seemingly endless array of levers to manage and optimize your Google Shopping performance. No matter how well versed you are in campaign management, it’s easy to find yourself sticking to familiar AdWords features and using the platform to less than its full potential. Knowing what works is important, but expanding your toolset in this channel is essential to getting the most from your investment.

We’re here to break routine and explore a few high-impact, underused features in AdWords to boost returns in Google Shopping.

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Enhance Your Holiday Marketing ROI With Customer Match & RLSA


It’s a hectic time for e-commerce marketers. Holiday shopping is in full swing, and retail sites are experiencing their annual year-end surge in traffic and sales.

All the hard work of planning and strategizing is paying off. And as a bonus, two of Google’s built-in remarketing tools — Customer Match and RLSA — offer an opportunity to keep the retail cheer going way past December, by re-engaging holiday customers with Google Shopping ads in 2017.

Want to wring more value out of your hard-won holiday traffic and orders? Here’s how to use Customer Match and RLSA for Google Shopping to make it happen…

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