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Use Facebook Dynamic Ads If You Want More Mobile Sales

Vertical video ads, slideshow ads, Messenger bots — Facebook offers marketers of all stripes a dizzying array of options to show off their brands and products on the world’s most popular social network.

So how and where do you fit in, an e-commerce marketer who lives and dies by bottom-line stats — revenue, cost, and ROAS — rather than engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares?

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Tips & Tricks

5 Ways Pet Suppliers Can Unleash Google Shopping Success


Our beloved animal companions have always tugged at our heart strings, but pets can tug hard at the purse strings, too. The American Pet Products Association projects that U.S. pet owners will spend $39 billion on food and supplies for their furry friends in 2016.

With 60% of pet supplies expected to be purchased online by 2020, pet supply retailers who up their e-commerce games now are best positioned to reap the benefits. And Google Shopping is a great place to start.

Pet supply product catalogs are heavy on items that run out (or wear out) regularly, such as food, toys, and hygiene products. This leads to purchase patterns and buyer behaviors that are more cyclical than other industries. Follow these tips to capitalize on these cycles and become the top dog in Google Shopping…

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Company News

Saddle Up for 2016

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. And with more than 5,000 retail professionals in attendance, we trust this year’s Digital Summit, being held in Dallas on Sept. 26-28, will not disappoint.

I’m looking forward to hearing insights from the lineup of speakers, including Facebook’s Maz Sharafi, and Apu Gupta, CEO of fellow Philly e-commerce tech company, Curalate. Sidecar will also be announcing some big news at

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Company News

Sidecar Launches Revenue Probability Scoring for Google Shopping

Every retailer has a set of products that are all-stars. I’m talking about the Michael Jordans, the Steph Currys, the Tom Bradys of your catalog — those products that receive plenty of traffic, clicks, and orders. Determining how much to spend to expose these products on an acquisition channel like Google Shopping is pretty straightforward.  

But what about products that don’t enjoy heavy traffic and that lack substantial performance data to inform bid decisions — a.k.a., the bulk of most retail catalogs?

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E-Commerce Trends

[PODCAST] 2016: Acquisition, Mobile, and Customer Engagement

Vicki Cantrell, SVP of Communities at the National Retail Federation and Executive Director of, has had a front row seat for observing the myriad ways technology impacts retail.

Before joining the NRF, Vicki worked at world-leading brands like Tory Burch, where she served as COO and CIO, as well as Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Party City and JCPenney. She was named one of the most prominent women IT executives by Executive Technology Magazine.

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Google Shopping

Customer Match & RLSA for Google Shopping: The Ultimate Guide

What keeps e-commerce marketers up at night? For most, it’s probably either winning new customers or keeping existing ones coming back for more.

Luckily, Google offers two powerful tools that retail marketers can use to accomplish both goals: Customer Match and RLSA for Google Shopping.

But where to start? And once you’ve added one (or both) of these features to your Shopping campaigns, what strategies can you employ to continue improving performance?

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Start Adjusting: Tablet Bid Adjustments for Google Shopping Have Arrived

For years, it’s been right there, gleefully taunting e-commerce marketers. I’m talking, of course, about the performance data for “Tablets with full browsers” that appears when you segment a Google Shopping campaign (or any AdWords campaign, really) by device.

Though Google happily displays this data, AdWords users have been left powerless to do much of anything with it. Until now …

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Google Shopping: Is It Good to Be The ‘Best?’

It’s not just Olympic athletes; everyone wants to be the best, right? The hours I spent at the driving range last weekend certainly attest to that … And it’s no different for e-commerce marketers. I haven’t met one that didn’t want more orders, more revenue, and more profits.

That’s why marketers immediately perked up when Google made ranked Shopping ads a permanent fixture back in March, after testing them since 2014. Professionals who instinctively seek the top in all of their efforts were curious about how these ads would perform and the impact they would have on campaigns.

Well, now that the dust has settled a bit, we thought it was time to take a look at ranked Shopping ads and determine whether it was good to be “the best.”

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Tips & Tricks

Back-to-School: 5 Quick Fixes to Give Your Google Shopping Campaigns a Boost

Wow. It’s almost the middle of August. And that means we’re right in the thick of the second biggest retail season: back-to-school.  

The NRF projects that shoppers in the U.S. will spend $75.8 billion stocking up on new gear for classrooms and dorm rooms this year. And since 46% of consumers plan to shop online for back-to-school, millions of seasonal items will be found on Google Shopping.

The time is now to give your Google Shopping campaigns a mid-term checkup to make sure you’ve got everything set up for success for the remainder of the season. Sharpen your pencils and answer a few quick questions — straight from the pages of our e-book, 10 Moves to Master Seasonality in Google Shopping.

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Tips & Tricks

Google Retires Converted Clicks in AdWords: How to Say Goodbye

CPC, CTR, AOV, ROAS. Digital marketers are blessed (or cursed, depending on whom you ask …) with tons of jargony words and acronyms to measure campaign performance.

But conversions is what we most want, right? For nearly all marketers, that’s a big fat “yes!”

And last week, Google answered this question with an AdWords update: In September, it will phase out the Converted clicks metric, and make “Conversions” the default tool for measuring actions taken after an ad is clicked.

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