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Sidecar Named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s 2015 CRM Marketing Applications Report

We thought we were cool … but now we know we are.  

On March 30, Gartner analysts Kimberly Collins, Chris Fletcher, and Tad Travis released the “2015 Cool Vendors in CRM Marketing Applications Report,” and we were pretty excited to find Sidecar named as a Cool Vendor.

As a new technology built to optimize new channels, we’re working hard to help e-comgarner2015_withSpacingmerce marketers understand the new rules that PLAs bring to the table. Specifically, PLAs, though under the same search engine umbrellas as Paid Search, are fundamentally different in how they are displayed and managed. While agencies and in-house experts are the right solution for the creative-heavy text ad channels, PLAs are completely quantitative in nature, and e-commerce marketers require a programmatic solution to get the right ads in front of shoppers at the right time.

With this Cool Vendor Report, Gartner adds some color to this concept, which we believe strengthens the case for a programmatic approach to product listing ads.

How cool are your PLA campaigns?

Let’s find out. Sidecar is offering a no-cost audit of your PLA campaign (Google, Bing or CSEs) to help you better understand your performance in the channel.

Andre Golsorkhi

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