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Slice and Dice to Insight in the AdWords Dimensions Tab – E-Commerce Marketing Minutes

If you’re looking to optimize bidding and boost ROI in Google Shopping, the AdWords Dimensions tab is a veritable treasure trove of performance metrics that can inform strategic campaign optimizations.

The Dimensions tab is the place to see performance on a granular level. You can find this tab on the far right in AdWords. From there, you can view clicks, CPC, and conversions on individual products by day of the week all the way down to hour of the day.

With this insight, you can adjust bids to reduce spend on clicks that are too costly or unprofitable, and increase spend on those that are driving revenue. And this is only scratching the surface of insight available from the depths of AdWords.

Check out the video to see 6 useful ways to drill down on Google Shopping performance across your catalog in the Dimensions tab.

For quick reference, here’s a snapshot of the white board:

Slice and dice to insight in the adwords dimensions tab

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