E-Commerce Trends

2017: The Year Ahead in Social Commerce


From dynamic ads to buy buttons, social media platforms of many sizes and stripes have gradually rolled out e-commerce features.

How have they fared so far? And which ones will get a page in the playbooks of e-commerce marketers in 2017? Here we recap and explore recent developments in social commerce, and look ahead to what social media has in store for online retailers in 2017.

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E-Commerce Trends

What Instagram Shop Tags Mean for E-commerce

Last week, Facebook-owned Instagram launched its beta test of shop tags within photo posts to explore whether inspiring visual content coupled with ease of purchase can transform casual scrolling into real e-commerce opportunity.

With Instagram making its platform more friendly to retail brands looking to sell products, rather than build communities, where are the future opportunities for e-commerce marketers? How much potential is there to drive sales from this channel? Here we unfold the possibilities of Instagram’s latest foray into social commerce.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Use Facebook Dynamic Ads If You Want More Mobile Sales

Vertical video ads, slideshow ads, Messenger bots — Facebook offers marketers of all stripes a dizzying array of options to show off their brands and products on the world’s most popular social network.

So how and where do you fit in, an e-commerce marketer who lives and dies by bottom-line stats — revenue, cost, and ROAS — rather than engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares?

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads: The Relevance Game


Facebook is pretty much taking over the world. It recently announced that its revenue hit a record high of $5.84 billion during the last quarter of 2015, not to mention it also has the world’s #1 mobile app.

However, while Facebook continues skyrocketing, more than a few e-commerce pros treat it mainly as a place to grow brand awareness or build communities of evangelists, and view ads in its News Feed as a simple source of traffic, not conversions.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Why Should E-commerce Pros Care About Facebook Dynamic Ads?


I know what you might be thinking. Who has time to worry about Facebook dynamic ads? Consumers don’t even go to Facebook to shop anyway. They go there to stalk stay in touch with friends and share cat videos.

Hang on right there, because that’s where clarification is needed. The best e-commerce pros always have an ear to new opportunities for innovation — and Facebook dynamic ads is one of them. Here’s why.

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E-Commerce Trends

The 7 Biggest E-commerce Opportunities of 2016

E-commerce Opportunities

The first week of a new year is unlike any other week of the year. If you’re like me, you’ve got what feels like a million thoughts and emotions running through your head.

You could be excited. You could be tired (still). Maybe you’re thinking about goals. Maybe you’re thinking about how you want to challenge yourself this year (that includes writing the new date correctly).

And maybe you’re looking at the big picture. This was definitely a big-picture week for me — including when I sat down to write this post. I started by thinking about this question: “What’s the one thing e-commerce will be known for in 2016?”

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Sidecar Launches Solution for Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

It’s a loaded word for e-commerce marketers. It’s pretty much the difference between being a rock star at your job and being, well, out of tune, to put it politely. The fact of matter is that delivering relevant ads has never been more critical to success in e-commerce channels.

Facebook’s dynamic ads are no exception. One of the biggest features of dynamic ads — as you might know if you use this ad format — is Facebook’s custom audience pixel, which lets retailers retarget consumers based on certain variables, including pages visited and items abandoned in a cart.

While these factors can help retailers target more relevant ads to consumers, retailers still face a few major challenges with dynamic ads:

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