E-Commerce Trends

2017: The Year Ahead in Social Commerce


From dynamic ads to buy buttons, social media platforms of many sizes and stripes have gradually rolled out e-commerce features.

How have they fared so far? And which ones will get a page in the playbooks of e-commerce marketers in 2017? Here we recap and explore recent developments in social commerce, and look ahead to what social media has in store for online retailers in 2017.

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E-Commerce Trends

Keepin’ It Relevant: What #RIPTwitter Means for E-Commerce


This week, the Twitterverse went all, well, atwitter with the announcement that the social network would roll out an update to users’ timelines. Instead of seeing every Tweet from each account they follow in reverse chronological order, users logging into Twitter will soon see a dozen or so of the Tweets they’re “most likely to care about” at the top of their timeline. Their usual real-time feed will then follow these curated Tweets.

Whelp, looks like I’m going to be seeing even more Tweets from @andyroddick, @RogerFederer, and @KenJennings.

While the feature is currently opt-in, it will soon become a default setting — although Twitter users will have the ability to turn it off. E-commerce brands, on the other hand, can’t afford to opt out of paying attention to the change — even if they don’t actively use the network.

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E-Commerce Trends

The 7 Biggest E-commerce Opportunities of 2016

E-commerce Opportunities

The first week of a new year is unlike any other week of the year. If you’re like me, you’ve got what feels like a million thoughts and emotions running through your head.

You could be excited. You could be tired (still). Maybe you’re thinking about goals. Maybe you’re thinking about how you want to challenge yourself this year (that includes writing the new date correctly).

And maybe you’re looking at the big picture. This was definitely a big-picture week for me — including when I sat down to write this post. I started by thinking about this question: “What’s the one thing e-commerce will be known for in 2016?”

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