Welcome to the team that builds the Sidecar technology. Sidecar helps the largest online retailers in the world connect their products to the right consumers through advertising channels including Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads, and Bing Shopping.

We commit to being awesome on a daily basis. We believe in our people and in the importance of a good beer. We hire fun, intelligent people.

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“I would recommend Sidecar to anyone, but I would especially recommend it to someone just getting out of college or in the beginning stages of his/her career. There are endless opportunities to grow, gain exposure to all facets of the business, and try new things.”

-Cally, Client Onboarding Coordinator | After 9 months at Sidecar

“I tell everybody this: This is the smartest group of people I’ve ever been around. Everyone’s passionate about what we’re doing, too. I thought I knew what it was like to work in a team environment, but this is a team environment in the truest sense of the phrase. There’s an amazing sense of camaraderie and support.”

-Dave, Senior Analyst | After 1.5 years at Sidecar

“My co-workers are really awesome. They’re all open to trying new things. They’re fun, creative, and smart. Just a great group of people. As a result, the overall work environment is incredibly laid back. You’re expected to do your work, do it well, and try hard of course, but no one says you can’t have fun while doing it!”

-Sharon, Software Developer | After 2 years at Sidecar

Sidecar does more than encourage fun—we don’t go a day without it. As long as your work gets done, and done well, Sidecar supports team bonding at any hour. It’s part of how we unwind so we’re ready to tackle another day.”

-Janelle, Content Marketing Director | After 6 months at Sidecar

When I talk to others outside of Sidecar, it’s clear this environment doesn’t happen everyday—it’s pretty unique. We’re like a family. We’re friends inside and outside of the office. Everyone’s also really respectful which is hard to find in such a large group.

-Michael, Senior Account Executive | After 2.5 years at Sidecar


Health & Dental Coverage

401(k) Plan

Mac, Windows, or Linux

Competitive Salary

Unlimited PTO

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