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Discount Tackle's Ad Performance Sets the Bar for Its Marketing Mix


Wilsonville, OR


Sporting Goods



Hours Saved Weekly


Google Shopping ROAS Improvement


Facebook Ad Revenue Growth, With ROAS Exceeding the Retailer's Goal


Website Traffic Growth


Hours Saved Weekly


Google Shopping ROAS Improvement


Facebook Ad Revenue Growth, With ROAS Exceeding the Retailer's Goal


Website Traffic Growth

Wilsonville, OR


Sporting Goods


Grow Revenue Across Channels

Cross-channel success has always been the overarching marketing goal for Discount Tackle. But it didn’t expect paid social and search to become the channels leading the way to that success. That’s because the e-commerce retailer struggled to meet its performance goals for Facebook and Google Shopping ads.

It wasn’t for lack of investment. Discount Tackle’s marketing mix at the time was based almost entirely on paid efforts, and a sufficient budget was available. Rather, the challenge was twofold. First, time was at a premium. Other major channels, including SEO, demanded the lean team’s attention.

The second challenge was the unforeseen intricacies and stumbling blocks that can come with advertising fishing supplies. The retailer sells products from top brands including Z-Man, Strike King, and Berkley. Facebook, for instance, was sometimes categorizing the retailer’s fishing hooks as knives, a product that the social platform bans from advertising.

With these challenges at the forefront, the retailer set out to add a partner who could take on Google and Facebook ads. A key decision maker was Cody Echauri, eCommerce Marketing Manager for Discount Tackle. He has been embedded in retail advertising campaigns in past roles for agencies, and is no stranger to the digital industry and how to solve performance marketing challenges.

“I came to Discount Tackle with quite a bit of experience working in Google Ads. I was able to immediately shore up the Shopping campaigns,” said Echauri. “But campaign management required about 20 hours a week, every week. It was manual and unsustainable.”

Discount Tackle sought a partner with a couple key qualifications: a proven track record in e-commerce performance marketing, and an approach that combines automation with human-led strategy. That’s when Discount Tackle turned to Sidecar.

“Sidecar came highly recommended by our colleagues in the e-commerce space, based on their personal experience working with the organization,” said Echauri. “As we got to know Sidecar, it became an easy decision. No other organization has Sidecar’s machine learning element, nor do they have Sidecar’s dedication to the e-commerce space.”

Echauri and his team are also attracted to the human element Sidecar brings to performance marketing. With site traffic, revenue, and ROAS goals in mind, having a Sidecar expert to strategize campaigns is a major win.

“In our view, performance marketing requires people who are empowered by technology,” said Echauri. “Having a dedicated team at Sidecar ensures we receive transparent results and actionable data. Their expertise runs across the biggest advertising platforms, so we know we’re in good hands.”

"Sidecar lets us be a better brand. We’re building revenue and brand exposure together. To us, that’s the complete package."


eCommerce Marketing Manager at Discount Tackle


Relentless Exploration

Discount Tackle works with Sidecar in Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and Facebook. Together, the teams’ marketing philosophy is rooted in relentless exploration. Critically, Sidecar’s core technology — the Sidecar Technology Suite — aligns with this philosophy.

The Sidecar Technology Suite integrates with all major ad platforms to manage campaigns, keywords, audiences, and bids. Machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics continually identify patterns and trends impacting campaign performance. Intelligent automation performs the data-heavy and labor-intensive tasks required to deliver growth. Sidecar is always on, always learning, and always improving Discount Tackle’s performance.


Sidecar’s team works with Discount Tackle to create a full-funnel campaign structure to drive Facebook conversions. With the Sidecar Technology Suite integrated into Facebook Advertising, the Sidecar team created three segments based on purchase intent labeled High, Medium, and Low. Sidecar’s team sets the tech to use the majority of spend on low-funnel retargeting campaigns, which is where the retailer sees the most efficiency.

To drive conversions across these segments, Sidecar’s experts set the tech to A/B test lifestyle and feed-based ads with each audience. Winning ads automatically incorporate into go-forward campaign management. Lifestyle ads display the retailer’s products in use, like specific fishing rods and apparel. Feed-based ads appear on the feeds of previous customers and visitors to Discount Tackle’s website, showing top-performing products across the retailer’s catalog.

Several audiences are targeted in Discount Tackle’s prospecting campaigns. This ranges from targeting lookalike audiences to competitors to interests. With the “relentless exploration” mantra in mind, Sidecar and Discount Tackle uncovered a new audience through these prospecting campaigns — ice fishers.

But discovery hasn’t ended there. Sidecar has generated a wellspring of new details about Discount Tackle’s target audience — including qualities that caught the retailer by surprise.

“At first, we knew we catered to older, outdoorsy males. So that's the audience we targeted on Facebook,” said Echauri. “Then Sidecar’s campaigns started to show that 25-year-olds and females were engaging with our ads. We discovered totally new audiences buying our products.”

Now, Discount Tackle believes it knows exactly who its customer is. “We’ve uncovered that the way to understand our audience is by growing, scaling, and testing our social ads,” said Echauri. “Critically, Sidecar’s machine learning technology enables those insights. By combining data from Sidecar with business analytics on our end, we learn more and more about our shoppers and how they want to engage with our brand.”


Sidecar’s approach to Google Shopping differs from that of Facebook. In this case, Sidecar finds that success for Discount Tackle depends heavily on leveraging product brands.

With the Sidecar Technology Suite integrated into Google Shopping, Sidecar’s team developed three major campaigns. A branded campaign houses all products associated with specific brands, like Z-Man soft plastic baits and Daiwa fishing rods. Branded products are the retailer’s top performers, driving roughly 70% of its Google Shopping sales.

Sidecar’s team then set up a general campaign to filter products unaffiliated with a brand, like certain tackles and bulk baits. These are monitored closely by Sidecar’s technology to increase spend on top products and roll back on lower performers. A third campaign catches lower-performing products and the tech manages spend closely to maintain visibility, but is careful not to overspend on these products.

Sidecar’s team reviews these three campaigns daily to understand product performance and adjust campaign settings as needed via Sidecar’s technology. With Discount Tackle’s monthly budget in mind, Sidecar’s reporting in Sidecar Connect helps the retailer understand exactly where its spend goes, in real time. Discount Tackle and Sidecar’s team hold monthly meetings to review performance.

“Having a monthly call with Sidecar is really important to us,” said Echauri. “When our target goals change, or if we have questions about performance, their team is there to answer the call and ensure that we’re on the same page.”
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Marketing Mix, Remixed

Discount Tackle’s story is an example of how changes to one area in marketing can drive a domino effect throughout a retailer’s entire marketing mix. “Sidecar shook up our marketing mix, in the best way possible,” said Echauri.

One look at the metrics shows why.


Sidecar’s automated technology and the team’s Google Shopping campaign structure let Discount Tackle improve several major KPIs. Over the first three months after launching with Sidecar, conversions increased 11% and revenue grew 16%. What’s more, the retailer experienced a 35% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) while ROAS improved from 5.39 to 8.69, a 61% boost.

Discount Tackle saw even more growth in its Shopping campaigns over its first six months with Sidecar. Google Shopping CPA fell 48% while ROAS increased 102%, period over period.

Discount Tackle’s Bing Shopping performance also benefited from Sidecar’s technology. Clicks to the retailer’s Bing Shopping ads grew 193% in the first 90 days with Sidecar. This increase in traffic led to conversions growing threefold and a 178% growth in revenue on Bing.


The biggest growth in the retailer's marketing mix has come from Facebook advertising. With audience targeting and prospecting campaigns improving each month as more data accrues, Discount Tackle has welcomed triple-digit growth in many categories on Facebook.

In its first three months with Sidecar, the retailer saw a 70% increase in clicks and 264% increase in conversions from Facebook ads. Facebook revenue grew 287% while ROAS was 36% higher than the goal (13.63 compared to a 10 goal).

After six months with Sidecar, ROAS continued to exceed the retailer’s goal, while revenue increased 10.5X compared to the retailer’s previous six months. Clicks to Discount Tackle’s Facebook ads improved 5X while conversions grew over 9X.

Lengthy delays due to Facebook flagging Discount Tackle’s hooks, or any other products, are a thing of the past. It used to take up to 30 days for Discount Tackle to have Facebook unpause campaigns.

“We experienced a paused campaign recently, but Sidecar solved the problem in 48 hours thanks to their partnership with Facebook,” said Echauri. “Sidecar’s expediency and relationship saved us well into six figures worth of revenue.”


Discount Tackle’s success with Facebook and Google ads isn’t just defined by revenue. It’s defined by being a better brand, says Echauri. He explains the domino effect that Sidecar’s technology has created for the retailer’s marketing mix.

“As a marketer, I'm constantly looking at traffic as a way to prove ourselves as a business and get long-term customers,” said Echauri. “Sidecar has driven 116% more traffic to our site. That volume has created positive pressure on us to tighten up other marketing channels, including the website itself, email, and so on. All our customer-facing channels must be spot-on because of the paid social and search campaigns that Sidecar is running.”

Fortunately, Echauri and his team have the time to devote to those channels. Before Sidecar, Echauri estimates he spent about 60-75% of his time on e-commerce advertising. “I have saved roughly 15 hours every week since working with Sidecar,” said Echauri. “Now I can give key efforts like SEO the energy they deserve. I spend less time worrying about our advertising knowing we’re seeing results.”

He sums up the relationship: “Sidecar lets us be a better brand. We’re building revenue and brand exposure altogether. To us, that’s the complete package.”


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