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How LYONSCG Generated +85% Revenue in Google Shopping With Sidecar


Lyons Consulting Group (LYONSCG) is a marketing agency and consultancy for retailers and a subsidiary of the international consulting group Capgemini. The agency understands that technological innovation is the key to edging out its clients’ competition. After a standout year for an outdoor retailer client, where LYONSCG grew online revenue 49% year-over-year, the agency knew it needed a way to sustain revenue growth, particularly on the complex and competitive Google Shopping channel. That's when it partnered with Sidecar.


Retail Category
Outdoor Apparel & Equipment


Increase ROI by Scaling Google Shopping

LYONSCG began working with its outdoor retailer client in 2015. It built out an expansive media strategy, including dynamic remarketing, affiliate marketing, and search marketing. The agency quickly achieved revenue gains, driving 49% revenue growth in one year alone.

As the outdoor retailer’s business grew, its Google Shopping campaigns became larger and more complex. The retailer had several campaigns and thousands of SKUs. Setting bids for each product and adjusting those bids as shopping behaviors shifted was cumbersome for LYONSCG and prevented the agency from fully optimizing the channel.

In addition, the outdoor retailer wanted to implement a more sophisticated strategy on Google Shopping. The retailer was looking for a better way to target shoppers who were first-time site visitors versus returning visitors. It knew that with the right targeting tools, Google Shopping could become an invaluable resource for filling its customer acquisition pipeline and driving greater conversions.

“We developed and manually managed several Google Shopping campaigns for our client,” says Colleen DeRosa, a paid search media analyst at LYONSCG. “But as the business grew, and as competition intensified on Google Shopping, we needed to manage campaigns in a more sophisticated way. The manual approach wasn’t enough to stay competitive, so we started looking for an automated, intelligent solution.

Ultimately, the retailer and agency realized they could manage Google Shopping more efficiently and scale the business if they had the right technology to automate time-intensive tasks and continually optimize performance. This data-driven approach would free up LYONSCG’s time to focus on driving its client’s strategy in other areas. If the ROI was great enough, an additional partnership would more than justify the cost, DeRosa reasoned.

“Our client is eager to test new technology, and the team was interested in finding a solution that could improve efficiency while still hitting the ROAS target of 4:1. After the initial performance analysis, we and our client believed Sidecar could achieve that goal,” says DeRosa. 

BY the Numbers

Consistently Achieved With Sidecar
Revenue Increase YoY
In First 3 Months
CPC Decrease YoY
In First 3 Months
ROAS Increase YoY
In First 3 Months


A Hybrid Approach to Audience & Search Query Targeting

LYONSCG started working with Sidecar in 2017. Sidecar’s performance marketing experts devised a strategy that would help both the agency and its client meet their goals—revenue growth, ROI, and time savings.

Sidecar’s team applied the Sidecar for Shopping technology to create new campaigns that allowed LYONSCG to set more targeted bids based on audience type and search query. This dual approach ensured that its client reached the most valuable audiences at the most efficient cost.

Key to the approach is Sidecar’s Search Query Manager, a technology that uses natural language processing to identify top-performing queries for the retailer. The technology sets bids to drive the greatest returns on those queries.

Sidecar developed two campaigns that targeted queries which included the retailer’s trademark. Layering on Retargeting Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs), the technology created a trademark campaign for new site visitors and returning site visitors. In this way, Sidecar set granular bids based on both the purchase intent behind the query and the shopper’s familiarity with the retailer’s site.

Implementing the same method, Sidecar created two non-trademark campaigns targeting both new and returning site visitors. This level of granularity ensured precise bids and allowed Sidecar to cut inefficient spend.

Bids constantly evolved for these campaigns as Sidecar’s technology evaluated new data every day. Sidecar’s machine learning algorithms analyze the client’s product feed, historical keywords, search queries, and competitive metrics. As the data aggregates, so too does the technology’s approach to bidding and campaign structure, keeping the retailer at its ROAS target and ahead of its competition.

With this campaign structure in place, Sidecar was able to adjust the aggressiveness of bids based on the retailer’s shifting goals throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, for example, the retailer focuses on new site visitors and building its buying audience. As the year progresses, bids increase on past site visitors and past customers in anticipation of the holiday season.
We’ve met our client’s ROAS target every month with Sidecar.
Colleen DeRosa
Digital Media Consultant for LYONSCG

the results

Transparent Revenue Growth

LYONSCG saw immediate success after launching with Sidecar in 2017. In the first three months after launch, the client’s revenue increased 85% year over year. Sidecar’s technology simultaneously decreased average CPC by 25% during this time period, year over year. Thanks to improved efficiency, ROAS increased 39% year over year in the three months after launch.

“We’ve met our client’s ROAS target every month with Sidecar,” says DeRosa.

Looking ahead, LYONSCG is excited to expand its client’s campaigns with Sidecar and continue to nurture new site visitors into customers. This is a crucial step to building the client’s customer base ahead of the all-important holiday season.

“Our client has definitely benefited from the attentiveness we receive from our Sidecar performance marketing team,” says DeRosa. “It's great to know if there is a sale coming up or we want to rethink our Showcase Shopping creative, there’s always an immediate and strategic response from Sidecar.


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