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Stand Steady Revives Google Shopping to Drive 21% of Sitewide Revenue


Stand Steady is a niche online retailer offering standing desks and ergonomic office accessories. The company’s growth has historically come from Amazon and other marketplaces. Recently, the retailer magnified its focus on driving more revenue from the Stand Steady website. That’s where Sidecar and ShoppingFeeder, a Sidecar partner, came in.


Retail Category
Fairfax, VA

The Goal


Since its inception in 2012, Stand Steady has generated the majority of its revenue through marketplace traffic, primarily Amazon. As a result, driving traffic to the Stand Steady website was not a priority. As the retailer grew, so did the desire to diversify its revenue streams. As Stand Steady began to think more about growing website revenue, the retailer turned its attention to Google Shopping.

Courtney Freed, the retailer’s Creative Manager, began by analyzing Stand Steady’s Google Ads spend. There she discovered an existing Google Shopping campaign that had been sitting idle for nearly six months. The campaign, set up by a previous vendor, failed to gain traction.

The underperforming campaign existed under the radar due to the retailer’s focus on marketplace traffic. Now with increased attention on website sales, it was the perfect time to bring Google Shopping back to life.

Only one problem: With five people on the entire Stand Steady team, Freed didn’t have time to learn—much less manage—an entire channel, especially since she was starting over from scratch.

“Google Shopping was an afterthought for us,” Freed said. “We were hardly spending money in the channel and we hadn't defined a strong strategy yet for generating revenue. As long as we stayed within our budget parameters, we weren’t watching it.”

Being a small team, Stand Steady looked for a Google Shopping expert that could kick-start its activity in the channel without the steep learning curve of going it alone. An industry colleague referred Freed to Sidecar.

In Sidecar, the retailer found a partner that offered just that. Freed realized adding Sidecar for Shopping as an extension of her team allowed Stand Steady to reap the benefits of a strategic presence in Google Shopping, without requiring much hands-on effort from her end.

“Sidecar opened us up to what is possible in the channel,” said Freed. Its technology is always on, always learning, and powered by data. We found Sidecar could help improve the performance of our Google Shopping campaigns to drive our website sales.”

BY the Numbers

AOV Increase
first six months YoY
first six months
first six months
Internal Hours
spent managing Google Shopping

The strategy


Sidecar and Stand Steady worked together to develop an action plan that fit both the retailer’s limited resources and its goal to develop a strong strategic approach from the start. It became clear early in the process the retailer needed help formatting and managing its shopping feed, one of the most crucial aspects of a successful Google Shopping program.

That’s where ShoppingFeeder came in.

ShoppingFeeder is a Sidecar partner for retailers operating on the Shopify platform. Its feed management technology helps online retailers optimize their product feed. ShoppingFeeder also empowers retailers to consolidate and manage all third-party marketing channel feeds from one location. For Stand Steady, ShoppingFeeder offered the expertise necessary to tackle the retailer’s feed management without using internal resources.

According to ShoppingFeeder CEO and Founder, Kevin Tucker, “Missed revenue opportunities often stem from a poorly optimized feed. To counter that, we spend a lot of time helping to get our customers onboarded. We guide them step by step through the process of getting their data and feeds ready. Our goal is to help customers expand product reach and increase sales right off the bat.”

For Sidecar retailers on the Shopify platform, such as Stand Steady, the integration with ShoppingFeeder can accelerate time to launch by handing the complex reigns of properly formatting the shopping feed over to those well-versed in feed management nuance. In this case, Stand Steady launched 65% faster by partnering with Sidecar and ShoppingFeeder together.

To increase Stand Steady’s competitive edge, ShoppingFeeder ensured the retailer’s feed was in the correct format and its products had well-defined categories and labels that align with how the Stand Steady audience searches for products.

With the feed optimized, Sidecar and Stand Steady turned their attention to campaign structure. Based on conversations with Freed, the Sidecar team segmented Stand Steady’s product catalog into three campaigns that aligned with the retailer’s top line priorities: high intent search traffic; lower intent search traffic; and search traffic for X Elite Pro, a key product line for the retailer. From there, Sidecar’s team worked alongside Stand Steady to determine a specific return on ad spend (ROAS) goal for each campaign.

By grouping like-performing searches together, Sidecar’s technology dynamically adjusts bidding strategy to simultaneously increase visibility and conversions on high priority products without overspending on lower intent searches. Sidecar’s machine learning algorithms continue to monitor performance over time, learning trends to optimize bids with the goal of growing revenue while staying aligned with the established ROAS goal for each campaign.

For Freed, that’s been the biggest benefit of using Sidecar. She trusts the algorithm to do the heavy lifting for her. Though she monitors performance and consults with the Sidecar team, she described her time investment in this way: “I trust the team at Sidecar to oversee our campaigns with our goals in mind. This frees my time to focus on our cross-channel marketing strategy. With Sidecar on the team, I don't manage anything manually on Google Shopping.” 
Sidecar opened us up to what is possible in the channel. Its technology is always on, always learning, and powered by data.
Courtney Freed
Creative Manager, Stand Steady

the results


In the first six months with Sidecar, Stand Steady grew its Google Shopping revenue by 12X YoY. This confirmed Freed’s hunch that reviving stale campaigns with a dedicated strategy would deliver on her goal to increase website revenue.

To help Stand Steady achieve that revenue growth while staying within its ROAS goals, Sidecar’s technology made 1,815 automated bid adjustments.

In addition to increasing Google Shopping revenue, Stand Steady saw 586 conversions in its first six months with Sidecar as well as a 4% increase in ROAS. AOV also increased by 8% during that time YoY.

In the months following, the team experienced continued success. Stand Steady’s average monthly CPC decreased by 8% and Google Shopping now accounts for 21% of overall sitewide revenue.

For Freed and Stand Steady, the decision to continue with Sidecar was a no-brainer. In Sidecar, Stand Steady found a solution that offers ever-evolving intelligent machine learning and an agile customer success team that keeps Stand Steady’s performance top of mind. Partnering with Sidecar allows Stand Steady to focus on its business and overall marketing mix as the retailer continues to develop strategies to grow revenue.

Freed, for instance, has more time to focus on optimizing search and display campaigns.

“Being a small team, we like to utilize technology as much as we can to extend our reach,” she said. “Sidecar’s team and tech approach allows us to push our resources further and we see results reflected in revenue growth and across all our important KPIs. With Sidecar on board, I’m able to focus on where we want to go next.


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