Sidecar is on it. Every day the technology calculates how to optimize your campaign structure and product bids in line with your return goal, and pulls the levers to meet it.

NEW: Maximize revenue at your ROI goal. Sidecar’s new Revenue Probability Scoring takes a holistic look at an entire Google Shopping campaign, and identifies and invests in the next set of opportunities that will maximize campaign revenue at your ROI goal. Read more in our launch announcement.

Capitalize on your best searches. With Search Query ManagementSidecar analyzes your Google Shopping search query report and identifies the queries that are most valuable and least valuable to your business. It allocates more spend to queries that dominate while pulling spend away from queries that lag.

Allocate spend appropriately. Every product performs differently from device to device. Sidecar segments mobile and desktop traffic to put your finite ad dollars to use in the right places.

Always on, always working. Your site doesn’t take a day off, and neither does Sidecar. It evaluates campaign structure and bids every day, making adjustments when the data indicates a change should be made to maximize revenue and efficiency.

Facebook’s dynamic ads enable retailers to advertise their entire product catalog to consumers across the largest social network worldwide.

Sidecar makes those ads ultra relevant. Visitors identified by the Sidecar technology as having high intent are up to 4X more likely to make a purchase than the average targeted visitor.

Drive new revenue efficiently. Sidecar dynamically segments consumers into groups based on their likelihood to make a purchase on your site. These groups can then be assigned bids according to intent level, so you can allocate more spend to higher intent consumers and drive more efficient revenue.

Gain an in-depth understanding of consumers’ immediate needs. Sidecar looks at each user’s entire interaction with your site—not just snapshots (like adding something to a cart). The Sidecar algorithm models visitors’ intent to purchase and retargets them on Facebook with the most relevant product content.

Convert mobile traffic. With 1.03 billion mobile daily active users, Facebook is a critical channel for getting back in front of the 98% of visitors who leave your site without making a purchase.