3 Ways Retailers Can Amplify Revenue With Cohesive Search & Shopping Strategies ON GOOGLE

There are two channels in retail marketing that go together better than perhaps any other pairing: Google paid search and Google Shopping. Yet most retailers have isolated strategies for each channel and manage their data separately.

But when shopping and paid search strategies are united, retailers can achieve scale and market insights that are otherwise unattainable. In fact, Google reports that shoppers are 83% more likely to purchase an item after viewing both a shopping and text ad compared to viewing a text ad alone.

In today’s highly competitive and increasingly challenging retail market, it’s not about which channel a retailer should invest in, but how to invest in both to achieve targeted goals and engage consumers at every stage of the shopping journey.

Sidecar’s in-depth guide explores this very issue. In this e-book you’ll learn: 
  • About key features and trends that differentiate Google Shopping and paid search
  • How each channel plays a unique role in the customer acquisition funnel and can drive higher conversion rates together
  • How to develop cross-channel strategies that will help your organization achieve greater reach, outmaneuver the competition, and drive greater lifetime value from your customers