Everything Retailers Need to Know About Google’s Expanded Text Ads, Responsive Search Ads, and Dynamic Search Ads

As Google continues to develop new and automated ad formats like Responsive Search Ads (RSAs), Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), and Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), retail marketers must determine what role these capabilities should play in their marketing mix. Google automation can provide a faster, simpler way to manage campaigns—but it can limit campaign targeting, sacrifice control, and even hurt overall performance. Marketers must understand what these tools are, how they work, and which—if any—make sense to test for their business.

ETAs, RSAs, and DSAs are gaining traction among retail marketers. All three help retail marketers develop richer, more engaging ads for paid search. The formats range from fully automated (DSAs) to fully manual (ETAs). In order to make the most of these new ad formats, retail marketers must understand their unique benefits and limitations.

In this e-book, Sidecar explores each ad format, how they can enhance your paid search marketing, and common mistakes to avoid when implementing these tools. This e-book explores: 
  • What capabilities power Google’s new and automated ad formats
  • How retailers can integrate these solutions into their search marketing campaigns
  • How to avoid common missteps that can lead to inefficient spend and poor performance