What Marketers Need to Know to Navigate Growing Competition on Google Shopping

Navigating competition on Google Shopping is no easy feat. The fight for impression share has grown fierce and costs have risen as more retailers invest in the channel.

But competing on ad spend and price aren’t always winning strategies, especially for small and mid-sized retailers. The most successful retailers use targeted, measurable goals and track emerging consumer behaviors to find the white space on Google Shopping.

Learn how you can rise above the competition with invaluable insights from Sidecar analysts and customers in this point of view. It outlines proven strategies that will help you: 
  • Maximize ROAS and improve efficiency by focusing on high-intent search queries
  • Grow brand loyalty by engaging consumers at every stage of the online shopping journey
  • Develop an optimized mobile experience to take advantage of the fastest growing area of Google Shopping
  • Avoid common pitfalls that hamper retailers’ Google Shopping revenue goals