The Ultimate Holiday Prep Guide for Google Paid Search and Shopping

The jobs of most retail marketers ramp up once the year-end holiday season is in sight. On Google’s paid search and shopping channels, there are audiences to target, keyword lists to refine, promotions to feature, and campaigns to structure.

This year, there’s no need to wonder how to get your campaigns in top shape and when to take care of specific tasks.

With this guide, you have a road map to successfully navigate Google’s paid search and shopping channels during the holiday season. You’ll find strategies and tactics to put in play during each month of the holiday season to achieve success during the busiest shopping period of the year.

You’ll learn:
  • Smart ways to budget and allocate spend for the holiday season
  • Full-funnel optimization strategies across Google’s paid search and shopping channels
  • Tactics to differentiate your products and ads using Google’s tools
  • Audience and remarketing strategies to engage high-intent shoppers before, during, and after the holiday rush