Introducing: Sidecar for Paid Search

Sidecar for Paid Search allows you to get the most out of your paid keyword search on Google. It’s an automated, feed-based solution for traditional text ads that leverages shopping-centric data to create campaigns and set bids at scale, taking into account new products, promotions, and shifting consumer search behavior.

Sidecar Product Manager, Mike Perekupka, presents this new approach to text ads and covers how Sidecar is bringing innovation to the paid search space. 

Watch the webinar to learn about:
  • An overview of Sidecar for Paid Search and our unique approach, backed by intelligent automation and channel experts
  • Automation of key functions of paid search—including creation and management of campaigns, landing pages, keywords, and promotions—that allows for scale across entire catalogs
  • Continuous bid optimization that identifies opportunities and cuts wasted spend
  • How to get started
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Mike Perekupka
Product Manager