Preview of 2020 google ads benchmarks

see the biggest trends shaping online retail marketing, pulled from the 2020 benchmarks report: google ads in retail

New strategies are emerging to drive growth on Google Ads, according to Sidecar's 2020 Google Ads Benchmarks Report. They reflect intense competition and an evolving Google Ads ecosystem where only the savviest retailers can excel.

Guest speaker and CEO of Agile Medical Tony Zadnik exemplifies the innovative mindset required for success. In this webinar, Tony shares firsthand how the medical equipment retailer increased Google Ads revenue 140% year over year in 2019 and harnessed its campaigns to grow customer lifetime value.
We cover Agile Medical’s story and other approaches for Google Ads success in this webinar. Get insight on:
  • How Google Ads can play multiple roles in the buying cycle
  • The growing role of small wins and incremental performance improvements
  • How to capitalize on less competitive times throughout the year
This webinar features highlights from the 2020 Google Ads Benchmarks Report. Now in its fourth year, Sidecar’s Benchmarks Report continues to attract thousands of downloads. It is the most comprehensive study of the retail sector’s performance on Google Ads.


Tony Zadnik,
CEO, Agile Medical

Tony is the CEO and founder of Agile Medical, one of the leading suppliers of respiratory equipment in the U.S. It’s properties include The CPAP Shop, The Oxygen Concentrator Shop, and Sleep Care Online.
Mike Farrell,
Senior Director of Integrated Digital Strategy, Sidecar

Steeped in multichannel retail advertising for over a decade, Mike excels in advising on go-forward marketing strategy based on a retailer’s business goals and customer profile.
Belle Phanawat,
Director of Paid Search, Sidecar
Belle is a strategic thinker with years of paid search and data analytics experience. Her expansive knowledge of Google and Bing paid search helps retailers uncover solutions and drive results.