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5 Ways to Rethink Leadership in the New E-commerce Marketing Era

E-commerce marketing is experiencing rapid growth and expansion like never before. As a leader, it can be hard to chart a course for success. Not only is technology evolving rapidly, but so are the people that you lead. Their skills need to keep pace with the new realities of e-commerce, and it’s up to you to prepare them for what’s next.

In this interactive webinar, tailored specifically to marketing leaders, Sidecar analysts dive into the data from our 2021 E-Commerce Marketer Survey to help you lead higher performing teams. Our experts specialize in marketing technology and understand how you can navigate the latest trends to manage more effective marketers and develop their skills for the future.

We know your time is valuable, which is why we’ve developed a fast-paced discussion. Download the report before you watch to get the most out of this on-demand webinar.
Watch this on-demand webinar to:
  • Learn how your e-commerce marketing peers are hiring for 2021 and beyond
  • Understand how automation should support human-led strategy and put your team into hyperdrive
  • Learn how your marketing crew should be prioritizing their time and resources
  • Master the right balance between data- and instinct-driven marketing
  • Answer intergalactic-themed trivia and win prizes, including a $25 gift card

Do you want to learn how your team views the future of marketing? Sign up for this on-demand webinar for e-commerce marketing associates and managers and get their perspective.

Mike Perekupka
Mike is the Director of Product Marketing at Sidecar. He focuses on performance marketing technology and the advancement of Sidecar's technology solutions. He is an expert in statistics and mathematics, and guides retail marketers in strategies and best practices for data-driven decision making.
Sam Petinatti
Sam is a Senior Solutions Analyst at Sidecar. As a member of Sidecar’s product team he helps design data-driven technology that optimizes digital advertising campaigns and delivers quantitative performance improvements for retailers.

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