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5 Growth Strategies for the E-commerce Marketing Manager of the Future

You’re bombarded with new technologies, channels, and processes daily in a rapidly expanding e-commerce marketing universe. The skills you gained at the start of your career may not align to the needs of your role today.

That is why Sidecar developed the 2021 E-commerce Marketer Survey, which asked marketing professionals how they are navigating the new realities of e-commerce. This webinar reviews those findings and is tailored specifically to associate and manager-level e-commerce marketers. This discussion will provide you with personalized advice on how new technology is impacting your role. Sidecar analysts answer e-commerce marketing questions to help you benchmark your readiness for the future, offering tips you won’t find in the 40-page report.

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watch this on-demand webinar to:
  • Learn about the skills you need to achieve out-of-this-world career growth
  • Uncover new opportunities to achieve team goals at warp speed
  • Understand how priorities vary across different roles and how to align with your e-commerce marketing crew
  • Answer intergalactic-themed trivia and win prizes, including a $25 gift card

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Mike Perekupka
Mike is the Director of Product Marketing at Sidecar. He focuses on performance marketing technology and the advancement of Sidecar's technology solutions. He is an expert in statistics and mathematics, and guides retail marketers in strategies and best practices for data-driven decision making.
Sam Petinatti
Sam is a Senior Solutions Analyst at Sidecar. As a member of Sidecar’s product team he helps design data-driven technology that optimizes digital advertising campaigns and delivers quantitative performance improvements for retailers.

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