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The Biggest Learnings From Cyber Five 2021

On the heels of the five-day shopping blitz, our experts reveal the e-commerce industry’s ad performance from Cyber Five 2021. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, they discuss trends and performance stats that every retail marketer should know.
  • How supply chain and shipping issues impacted shopper behavior
  • Ad performance metrics across Google Shopping and Google paid search
  • Retail recommendations for the remainder of the 2021 holiday season


Olivia Costanzo
Solutions Analyst, Sidecar

Olivia is a Solutions Analyst at Sidecar. As a Sidecar product expert, she works closely on Google Ads campaign audits to develop strategies based on customer goals.
Jonathan Martin
Director of Enterprise Customer Strategy, Sidecar

Jonathan is a digital marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience in the e-commerce field. He focuses on meeting Sidecar customer advertising goals and keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest retail industry trends.

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