Expert Advice for Scaling Ad Revenue

Are you hitting your ad performance goals? No matter your answer, Sidecar helps hundreds of retail marketers each month find opportunities to scale their cross-channel ad revenue, whether or not they're satisfied with their current results. Watch this Sidecar Live stream to learn how.
  • Scaling ad revenue efficiently across Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and how retail marketers can get it right
  • How to allocate spend across advertising channels and across a large catalog of products
  • Insights into Sidecar technology through an exclusive demo of our cross-channel advertising solutions


Mike Perekupka
Senior Director of Growth, Sidecar

Mike Perekupka specializes in data, technology, and retail. As Senior Director of Growth for Sidecar, Mike guides retail marketers in strategies and best practices for building their performance results.
Andrew Aulenbach
Associate Director of Sales, Sidecar

Andrew is truly focused on connecting with people. He has a background in SMB research and software sales. At Sidecar, he helps e-commerce marketers optimize their digital advertising efforts.

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