How the iOS 14.5 Update Will Impact Retail Marketers

Sidecar's Mike Perekupka and Corey Feldman demo how Sidecar's technology works and give advice on how retail marketers can prepare for the iOS 14.5 update.
  • A product demo of Sidecar's retail-specific digital marketing technology
  • How Sidecar's tech ingests and leverages data to automate campaign creation, keyword management, bidding, and more
  • What the iOS 14.5 update means for retail marketers and how to prepare


Mike Perekupka
Senior Director of Growth, Sidecar

Mike Perekupka specializes in data, technology, and retail. He is an expert in statistics, mathematics, and ways to apply data-driven decision making to solve digital marketing challenges exclusively within the retail industry. Mike believes that evidence is king, and if you are not innovating, you are falling behind.
Corey Feldman
Director of Paid Social, Sidecar

Corey is the Director of Paid Social at Sidecar. As an experienced digital marketer, his keen analytical eye and storytelling ability helps his clients achieve their strategic goals.

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