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Social Advertising Secrets for Retail Marketers

Sidecar's Senior Director of Growth, Mike Perekupka, and Olivia Costanzo, Solutions Analyst, discuss unique results across Facebook and Instagram Ads that will give retail marketers a new perspective on their social media advertising.
  • Why marketers need to learn about learning mode
  • The importance of embracing full-funnel catalog sales
  • iOS issues and what to test


Mike Perekupka
Senior Director of Growth, Sidecar

Mike Perekupka specializes in data, technology, and retail. He is an expert in statistics, mathematics, and ways to apply data-driven decision making to solve digital marketing challenges exclusively within the retail industry. Mike believes that evidence is king, and if you are not innovating, you are falling behind.
Olivia Costanzo
Solutions Analyst, Sidecar

Olivia Costanzo is a Solutions Analyst at Sidecar. As a Sidecar product expert, she works closely on Google Ads campaign audits to develop strategies based on customer goals.

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