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From the CEO: Performance Marketing for E-Commerce Continues to Come of Age

Every year at Sidecar has been a chapter of a much larger story. Like 2014, the year we crystallized our mission around performance marketing for e-commerce. Or 2015, the year of Google Shopping. We went all in on the then-nascent ad format, and raised our $8 million Series B round.

Or 2019, the first full year of supporting customers across all the biggest ad networks, including the trifecta of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. At that point, we had grown our business by 576% over the past three years. We reached nearly 200 employees strong.

Each year has been a banner year for its own reasons. But 2021 is the most significant chapter to date of the Sidecar story, because it’s the year we join the Quartile family.

While this transaction is an acquisition on paper, it’s a merger in practice. Our mutual goal is to combine the full value of Sidecar with the full value of Quartile.

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details, here’s the official press release announcing Quartile’s acquisition of Sidecar. Beyond the facts and figures, I wanted to take a few moments to add color to the news and what it means going forward for our customers and organization.

First and foremost, while this transaction is an acquisition on paper, it’s a merger in practice. Our mutual goal is to combine the full value of Sidecar with the full value of Quartile. There will be no disruption to our customer experience and support. In fact, our goal is quite the opposite.

We know that our customers expect consistency and continuity as much as they expect new capabilities and services. Accelerating our ability to provide those new capabilities and services, while improving the customer experience, is the inspiration behind this move.

We will combine both companies’ ad performance data and proprietary AI technologies into one offering under the Quartile brand. It will form the largest cross-channel e-commerce advertising platform, supporting some 5,000 brands and $2 billion in annual ad spend, and counting.

The new platform will let e-commerce retailers and brands capture demand within and across all the channels where consumers shop. Search. Shopping. Social. Marketplaces. Display. All channels that are meaningful today, and into the future, will be supported. Because the channels will be integrated into a singular platform, our technology will drive the strongest cohesion yet between cross-channel strategies.

I’m thrilled to move forward with the new company as President, and continue building with our Sidecar team here in Philadelphia and our new Quartile team, headquartered in New York and distributed globally.

It’s rare to establish and grow a startup all the way through to a successful outcome and keep building it beyond that. It means even more to have accomplished this out of Philadelphia. Not just because I grew up in the Philly area and have a personal tie to the city. But because Philly represents the same grit, passion, hard work that has always characterized Sidecar.

Thank you to our team, investors, board members, mentors, families, friends, and the Philadelphia community for being part of Sidecar. You are why we have this story to share with the world.

I’d like to call out investors Osage Venture Partners, Ascent Venture Partners, Harbert Growth Partners, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, GO Philly Fund, Gabriel Investments, Robin Hood Ventures, and Mid-Atlantic Angel Group, as well as board members Nate Lentz, Tom Roberts, Luke Burns, and Ralph Folz. Thank you again for all that you’ve done to support Sidecar.

Onward and upward!

Andre Golsorkhi
Founder and CEO, Sidecar

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