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Retail Uncharted Podcast Launches to Explore the Emergent Trends of Retail

Retail Uncharted is for all marketing and leadership teams in retail who want to get closer to the trends that are under the radar and on the horizon

PHILADELPHIA – Sidecar has launched Retail Uncharted, a new podcast series with a singular mission: Explore the emergent trends of retail. Hosted by Sidecar’s retail experts, Retail Uncharted exposes fledgling challenges, underreported changes, and burgeoning ideas for marketing teams and beyond in retail.

Retail Uncharted Podcast

Hear from marketers, authors, entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts, executives, professors, and many more about the shifts they’re tracking and what they mean for retailers. Every episode raises questions few are asking about retail—and delivers the guests with insights. Some of the featured episodes that are now live cover:

“Retail Uncharted takes you behind the headlines for a deeper understanding of the news, trends, and people in retail,” said Mike Farrell, Senior Director of Integrated Digital Strategy for Sidecar, and one of the podcast’s hosts. “Our focus is on what’s next, what’s not getting covered, and what should be on your radar that isn’t. Retail Uncharted upholds the goal of all our educational resources for marketers—to help them stay sharp and inquisitive.”

Topics coming up on Retail Uncharted include:

  • E-commerce surge – the impact not anticipated
  • Shopper search trends – early indicators for holiday
  • COVID-19 disruption – changes that haven’t yet begun
  • Retail acquisitions – upside, downside, and what’s next
  • Cross-channel marketing – what’s working, what’s not, and why
  • Brand experience – the plot thickens in the battle for priority

Tune in to Retail Uncharted online or wherever you listen to podcasts. Subscribe to stay updated on when new episodes air.

Reach out to press@getsidecar.com to share feedback or inquire about being a guest on the show.


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Mark Tordik

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