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Sidecar Adds Intelligent Product Groupings and a Performance Dashboard to Its Automated Google Shopping Campaign Management Technology

The SaaS firm’s latest release changes the Google Shopping game by intelligently grouping products based on key performance metrics, ensuring that every product has the right bid at the right time

PHILADELPHIA – Sidecar, the only fully automated technology for grouping and bidding products in Google Shopping campaigns, today announced product enhancements that take precision bidding to the next level. The new release brings Intelligent Product Grouping functionality to the channel; a proprietary feature that groups products based on key performance metrics and product data, continuously adjusting bids to maximize revenue and profitability.

The Sidecar release solves one of the biggest challenges e-commerce marketers face when trying to optimize their Google Shopping campaigns; assigning the right bid to every product at the right time. Currently, most retailers are too resource-constrained to group products beyond Google’s default controls, such as brand or category, resulting in wasted ad spend or missed revenue opportunities. Even retailers that group by margin leave opportunities on the table by not considering key product performance metrics in bid strategies.

Sidecar changes that with Intelligent Product Grouping.  Working in tandem with Sidecar’s existing automated bidding functionality, the new best-in-class technology evaluates every SKU in a retailer’s catalog and dynamically groups products based on performance and a retailer’s unique business and return goals.

“E-commerce marketers are investing heavily in the Google Shopping channel, but some are seeing plateauing results and are trying to determine how to increase volume and efficiency,” said Andre Golsorkhi, founder and CEO of Sidecar. “Google Shopping is a unique channel that requires a shift in the approach from content-driven channels like text advertising. Success in product level advertising has little to do with content, and nearly everything to do with math; calculating the right bid for the right product at the right time.  Sidecar was built specifically to solve this challenge, by programmatically leveraging key performance metrics and product data to deliver maximum gains in Google Shopping.”

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The release also features the debut of the Sidecar Dashboard, providing marketers with an intuitive, measurable view of how Sidecar is improving campaign performance in the Google Shopping channel. The dashboard also surfaces valuable data, revealing recent trends and opportunities marketers might not otherwise uncover in their catalog. The Dashboard highlights high and low performing products and brands according to KPIs (click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost/sale), giving marketers more information and context to make merchandising decisions on the site.

Other features include:

  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile traffic in the channel is an enormous opportunity, and growing. Sidecar automatically optimizes mobile bid adjustments to capture the mobile growth market while still performing to a retailer’s specific return goal.
  • Automated Feed Content Optimization: Feed content optimization is just one piece of the Google Shopping puzzle, but well-defined titles and descriptions ensure that your customers will find the exact product they’re looking for. Sidecar optimizes feed titles with relevant product attributes that increase impressions for maximum campaign impact.

This Sidecar release follows a year of significant growth and innovation for Sidecar.  In 2014, it added a bevy of world-class e-commerce brands to its client roster, including Nomorerack, Internet Retailer’s 2015 digital marketer of the year, and also raised additional growth capital led by Osage Venture Partners.

For more information about Sidecar, visit www.getsidecar.com


Sidecar is the only technology on the market that delivers a completely automated approach to product-level advertising campaigns (PLAs) for Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and CSEs. The Sidecar technology automates the bidding and positioning of individual products in a retailer’s catalog according to product attributes and performance.  Retailers that use Sidecar drive millions of dollars of measurable revenue and save time and internal resources, while maximizing ROI and improving the search-to-transaction journey for customers.  The entire Sidecar services team is Google Shopping certified, having met Google’s standards for proficiency in the channel.

Brands like NewEgg, GNC and Fanatics trust Sidecar to optimize their product level advertising campaigns.


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