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Sidecar Builds on Retail-First Strategy With Refresh of Technology and Services Model

The Sidecar Technology Suite supports the full lifecycle of performance marketing in retail

PHILADELPHIA – Doubling down on its retailer-first strategy, Sidecar has reorganized its proprietary technologies into a single, personalizable solution. The newly formed Sidecar Technology Suite is a digital marketing optimization engine that works across all major advertising platforms, including Google, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, to support the full lifecycle of performance marketing in retail.

As part of the retailer-first reorganization, Sidecar also refreshed its services offering by introducing a new multichannel team framework made up of marketing experts and analysts who share insights across all channels. “We’ve combined our deep expertise in every major advertising channel to create new teams that drive even more cohesive and efficient multichannel strategies,” says Mike Perekupka, Director of Product Marketing for Sidecar. “At the same time, Sidecar continues to pair data-driven marketing experts with analysts—a key aspect of our human-led strategy that enables data-driven decisions with customers.”

Many retailers implement digital advertising through expert teams, pure technology solutions, or limited tools offered by advertising platforms themselves. Sidecar provides a hybrid approach comprising digital advertising experts who are empowered by machine learning technology and available customer data. The result is a solution personalized from the ground up for each customer to ensure ad spend is allocated efficiently and thoughtfully.

The Sidecar Technology Suite has been scaled across all major channels that matter most to Sidecar customers. The suite is comprised of the following three components:

  • Sidecar Apex. A personalizable campaign optimization technology. Sidecar Apex is powered by intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and machine learning. It performs the traditionally data-heavy and labor-intensive tasks required to deliver growth.
  • Sidecar Link. A feed processing and optimization technology. Feed technology empowers greater strategic campaign management (feed ingestion, optimization, mapping, and delivery). Sidecar Link ensures the system is ingesting clean, formatted product information (product type and descriptions, for example) so it can be optimized.
  • Sidecar Connect. A robust reporting and analytics interface enables Sidecar experts and customers to view performance of campaigns, brands, categories, and products. KPIs can be evaluated including return on ad spend, click-through rate, conversion rate, and more. Sidecar Connect includes Search Query Explorer, the interface for Search Query Manager, a Sidecar-only capability that breaks down the performance of search terms, phrase by phrase and word by word.

Sidecar also introduced new output findings in its performance analysis – an instrumental process that supports customer onboarding – which analyzes customers’ ad accounts in Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Bing. Sidecar’s performance analysis now reveals the following to retailers and brands:

  • A score of each retailer’s ad performance
  • A personalized assessment of wasted advertising spend and opportunities for growth
  • Keyword performance assessment, evaluated through Sidecar’s proprietary Search Query Manager
  • Guided walkthrough of how to address issues and capitalize on revenue opportunities

For retail marketers interested in a no-obligation performance analysis, please visit Sidecar’s website: https://bit.ly/3lEkCNS.


Sidecar offers performance marketing excellence to retailers and brands. Sidecar’s advanced technology and proprietary data, combined with years of performance marketing expertise, help its customers unlock the full potential of today’s most powerful search, shopping, social, and marketplace channels.


Mark Tordik

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