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From the CEO: This Sidecar Is Alive and Well. No Condolences Needed.

This week, a ride-sharing service bearing the name Sidecar announced it is closing up shop. As you might have noticed, our thriving e-commerce marketing technology company bares the same moniker.

Sharing the name Sidecar has historically not been a huge deal … our employees are used to people confusing us with the other Sidecar; in fact our team has learned to embrace it. We even have a Slack channel called #thewrongsidecar where our employees post mistaken Sidecar identity emails they receive.

To this day, the overlap (and the fact that they named themselves Sidecar just after we did), had no material impact on either of our businesses.

But this week one media outlet associated the Sidecar closing news with our company. Given that — it seemed appropriate to assure customers and prospects that our Sidecar is alive and well. In fact, the company just secured $8 million in financing. Our customers (and investors) wouldn’t be too pleased if we shuttered our doors three weeks later.

More seriously, I don’t mean to make light of Sidecar’s closing. As an entrepreneur, I love to see new ideas grow into booming businesses. I have no doubt that the (other) Sidecar founders will reemerge with another groundbreaking concept in the near future, and I wish them the best.

On that note — we wish you all a happy and safe New Year, and a prosperous 2016.

Andre Golsorkhi
Founder and CEO

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