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Sidecar Named Finalist for Online Marketing Excellence in MediaPost’s 2021 OMMA Awards

MediaPost 2021 OMMA Award FinalistMediaPost’s 2021 OMMA Awards recognize the best in online media, marketing, and advertising

PHILADELPHIA – Sidecar was named a finalist in the “Online Marketing Excellence: Retail/E-Commerce” category of the 2021 OMMA Awards hosted by MediaPost. Now in its 17th year, the OMMA Awards honor the best in online media, marketing, and advertising with 39 categories across two sections: Excellence in Online Advertising and Excellence in Media & Marketing. Sidecar was recognized for its outstanding work in redesigning GoFoodservice’s search engine marketing program for always-on growth amid an ever-shifting e-commerce landscape.

GoFoodservice is a leading online retailer for restaurant equipment and supplies. With more than 30,000 SKUs and counting, the Louisville, KY-based retailer sells a broad range of products, from traditional machinery such as refrigerators and ice machines to disposable products like paper plates and hand sanitizer. A majority of GoFoodservice’s customers are restaurants — an industry that has felt the brunt of COVID-19’s impact for 18-plus months. Yet GoFoodservice, together with Sidecar, have successfully adapted to support restaurants’ needs.

Central to the approach is Sidecar for Shopping, Sidecar’s proprietary technology solution that integrates with Shopping campaigns on Google and Bing. When the pandemic struck, Sidecar’s team rapidly built campaigns to increase visibility of products that restaurants needed most to keep their businesses afloat, like hand sanitizer and outdoor heaters. In the first half of 2020, the most challenging period of COVID-19, GoFoodservice’s Google Shopping revenue grew by 73% and Bing Shopping revenue grew by 66% year over year, with return on ad spend (ROAS) exceeding the retailer’s goal by 35%.

The first half of 2021 delivered 33% more Google Shopping revenue period over period with the strongest ROAS yet — reaching 50% higher than the retailer’s goal.

“We are trying to be as restaurant-centric as possible,” said Chris Fraser, General Manager for GoFoodservice. “In the midst of COVID, we saw an opportunity to connect with restaurants that needed to react to the changing dining landscape. Sidecar responded swiftly to this change and helped us adapt to the changing restaurant needs.”

Sidecar’s careful eye paired with automated bidding ensured promotions did not overextend available supply. GoFoodservice was able to uphold its customer experience standards—a critical factor that’s turning new customers into repeat customers today.

In 2021, it’s clear that GoFoodservice’s search marketing growth was not simply a function of growth in the e-commerce market. Sidecar continues to grow the retailer’s ad metrics in the COVID-recovering world and exceed pre-COVID levels. In the first half of 2021, Bing Shopping revenue doubled year over year with ROAS remaining above the retailer’s goal. The first half also delivered 33% more Google Shopping revenue period over period with the strongest ROAS yet — reaching 50% higher than the retailer’s goal.


Produced and hosted by MediaPost, the OMMA Awards (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising) annually celebrates and honors agencies and advertisers that showcase innovation in digital marketing and advertising.


MediaPost is a publishing and conference company with a mission to provide valuable resources to media, marketing, and advertising professionals through numerous channels such as blogs, newsletters, directories, conferences and annual awards. The OMMA Awards are one of MediaPost’s 40, highly recognized annual events that highlights the most important news, innovations, and trailblazers in the industry.


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Mark Tordik

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