Paid Search & Its New Role in the Shopping Journey

Google paid search is one of the most mature performance marketing channels, and it continues to evolve with new ad formats, search behavior, and competition. It is becoming a platform that inspires shoppers, educates them about new products, and drives conversions throughout the year.

In this quick guide, we explore the biggest paid search trends, what they mean for the channel, and how your business can adapt to these shifts. Drawing from data shared in Sidecar's 2019 Benchmarks Report: Google Ads in Retail, this quick guide dives even deeper and provides actionable advice for your business.

Download the quick guide to learn about: 
  • Paid search’s unique power to engage shoppers at the beginning of their shopping journey
  • New mobile opportunities that have emerged on the channel and how retail marketers can capitalize
  • How to use paid search’s robust keyword targeting to personalize marketing to consumers
  • The most successful paid search strategies for the holiday season