A Retailer’s Guide to Amazon Ads: What You Need to Know Before You Create Your First Amazon Campaign

Amazon has grown into a billion-dollar e-commerce powerhouse with over 200 million users and counting. More recently, it has expanded its advertising capabilities, making it the third largest advertising platform on the web, just behind Google and Facebook.

Amazon is fast becoming a destination for retail marketers looking to engage high-intent shoppers. Retailers with the right tools and strategies can leverage Amazon Ads to reach more customers, increase sales, and grow their brand awareness.

But, how do you know where to begin?

A Retailer’s Guide to Amazon Ads will help you start strong and ensure success in the channel. In this e-book, Sidecar experts break down:
  • Key eligibility requirements, strategic goals, and costs to begin advertising
  • Available ad formats and how they can help you achieve unique goals
  • How to build a winning campaign structure
  • What you need to know about bidding to minimize costs and drive greater performance