The Rise of "Amazoogle": How Amazon and Google Have Shaped Modern E-Commerce and What Marketers Can Do to Navigate the Space

Amazon and Google have revolutionized the way consumers search and shop online. Their rise coined the term “Amazoogle” in the mid 2000s, signifying their growth as titans in the technology space.

The two companies have taken great strides in retail by providing frictionless consumer experiences. As a result, their rapid growth has left retailers wondering how best to adapt in the rapidly changing climate.

In this point of view, learn about the common challenges Amazon and Google present to retailers as well as the strategies needed to successfully navigate the space. These recommendations include: 
  • Making the customer paramount by identifying touchpoints and creating a seamless omnichannel experience
  • Creating loyalty programs to better understand and reward your customers
  • Finding the right attribution model to grow customer acquisition and emphasize customer lifetime value