Amazon’s rapidly growing advertising business and massive audience make it an appealing platform for retail marketers. It is now the third largest online advertising platform, and its 200 million-plus shoppers are receptive to marketing and ready to purchase.

Despite the massive opportunity, Amazon Advertising is still a nascent platform. Time-consuming campaign setup, limited reporting, and minimal bidding tools frequently hamper retailers’ marketing efforts.

Sidecar for Amazon is the answer to these roadblocks. Our technology automates manual management, streamlines reporting, and leverages our marketing expertise to unlock new opportunities on Amazon. Sidecar maximizes your advertising spend on the world’s most popular shopping destination.

Download the complete overview and learn how Sidecar for Amazon can: 
  • Automate campaign creation and management with intelligent technology
  • Target the most valuable keywords with Sidecar’s Search Query Manager
  • Drive higher returns with automated bids that change with shifting market trends
  • Manage products eligible for advertising based on margins or brand policies
  • Visualize your complete sales history and deliver actionable sales performance data