Think Like a Google Advertiser to Win at Amazon Ads

Amazon took a page from Google’s playbook when it developed its ad platform. Advertisers bid on keywords in a CPC-based auction. Ad formats can include product images and link directly to a product detail page. The keyword and negative keyword match types on Amazon and Google are almost identical.

Similarities like these provide context for Google advertisers when they become Amazon advertisers. And that context is indeed a competitive advantage when navigating the confusing Amazon ad environment. But be forewarned. Amazon PPC strategy is NOT a mirror image of Google PPC strategy.

Our experts identify four management lessons that cut across both platforms, and explain how to translate each from Google Ads to Amazon ads. They also share examples from brands that are successfully mapping each best practice from Google to Amazon.

These are the areas on our radar to win at Amazon ads: 
  • Product data. We tell you the product attributes that matter most on Amazon, and how to optimize them for the way shoppers search.
  • Campaign structure. Too granular? Not granular enough? Leaning too far either way can result in flawed bidding decisions. We show you how to strike the right balance.
  • Search query strategy. How should you develop keyword lists? Why do automatic and manual campaigns play a role in capturing a wider range of queries? We illustrate.
  • Bidding and budget pacing. We dissect the relationship between campaign structure, bid management, and budget allocation.
Mike Farrell
Senior Director of Market & Customer Intelligence, Sidecar 
chris Corrado
Vice President, Customer Strategy, Sidecar